Disney Plus Sound Not Working on Projector (Easy Fix!)


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Today’s projector offerings are pretty exceptional, with so many different ways to use them. The problem with all of that variety is keeping everything on an even keel, and sometimes, streaming something like an MCU movie on Disney+ can be problematic.

There are about a thousand ways to play Disney+ on a projector, but if the sound is giving you problems, it most likely boils down to a single factor: HDCP.

There are a few other possibilities, which we’ll cover here, but HDCP will be your primary culprit. HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and when you think about digital copyright technology, you wouldn’t think that would be something that would ruin your Disney+ sound experience. However, it has and it will. Why you get video instead of audio is a little baffling but not uncommon. Read on to learn more.

How to Fix Disney+ Sound with Projectors

In all likeliness, your projector and the method through which you watch Disney+ are both HDCP compliant, and if you narrow it down, it almost always comes down to the HDMI cable. You want to make sure that your HDMI cable is HDCP compliant.

What’s happening is an attempt to block your ability to watch Disney+ programming because your equipment thinks you are trying to copy the material. The way this usually works is that you won’t be able to watch Disney+ at all.

Often, however, the sound just gets cut out. All you need to do to fix the issue is ensure that your HDMI cable is HDCP compliant. You can find HDCP compliant HDMI cables anywhere you would buy electronics, such as at Walmart or Best Buy.

You can also order them online here. This is the most common issue with catching Disney+ on projectors, as most people stream on projectors using HDMI cables. However, it’s not the only source since you can watch Disney+ on a projector with Chromecast, Fire Sticks, Apple TV, and screen mirroring with Android or iOS devices.

Check Source Output/Audio Settings

This is a difficult walk-through because there are so many projectors out there. What you want to look for is a sound output button that is located on the projector itself, and press it as many times as necessary to get it on the right output.

Since most people hook their projectors up to separate speakers, this step is essential. If it lacks a button, you will have to access the sound settings in the associated app or on a desktop.

How to Fix Disney+ Sound Issues with Other Devices

We weren’t kidding when we said there are a thousand ways to watch Disney+ on a projector. To keep things as focused as possible, we will cover the sound issues with a few devices that are broad device fixes rather than cover every individual device.

Screen Mirroring

This one is a simple fix, and it’s so common since everyone assumes that the audio problem is only on the receiving end of the screencast. Apple has AirPlay, and Android has its own screen mirror application built-in.

The most common reason for lack of sound when mirroring your screen to another device (in this case, Disney+ on a projector) is tweaking the volume on your smartphone, tablet, or iOS device as well as the volume on the projector.

For instance, you can have the volume cranked all the way up on the projector, and if you haven’t turned up the volume on the smartphone, iPhone, or other devices that you’re casting from, it affects the volume on the device you’re casting to. Simply turn up the volume on your smartphone.

With the iPhone/iPad, make sure that your “silent” switch on the top-left edge of the device is flipped on.

Chromecast/Fire Stick/Roku/Apple TV

We crammed all of these together because the sound issues with these devices, while streaming Disney+ on a projector, usually boils down to a few similar fixes with each one. The first thing that you want to do is check your connection over, which means resetting the device by unplugging it.

You can soft reset any one of these devices by simply removing it from power. You don’t necessarily have to unplug it from the projector’s HDMI port; just remove it from power.

If you happen to have a router with multiple bands and connection points, you want to make sure that your streaming device and your projector are both on the same WiFi network because that is one of the more common problems with those who own newer, more advanced routers.

Final Thoughts

It’s almost always an HDCP or audio settings issue when streaming Disney+ on a projector. It’s very rarely an issue with Disney+ itself, or any streaming channel for that matter. With that being said, you should always keep your Disney+ app updated, along with the firmware in your projector.

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