Can You Cut Govee Light Strips? Complete Guide

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You’ve decided to install Govee lights in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. But, you’ve found that the strip is too long for the area you’re placing it in. Can you cut Govee light strips?

You can customize the length of your Govee LED light strips by cutting along the dotted lines printed on the tape. Never cut outside these lines, or your light strip will no longer work. After cutting them to your desired length, plug them in to ensure they still work before installing.

Below, we’ll discuss more information and ideas on how to cut and install Govee LED light strips. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Cut Govee Light Strips?

Govee LED light strips can create any ambiance you want in every room of your home, office, or even an outdoor space.

Customizing the length to fit whatever space you want to highlight makes Govee LED lights even better than some other brands.

You must cut your Govee LED light strips correctly to ensure they will still work. Only cut along the dotted line printed on the tape.

How to Cut Govee LED Light Strips

It is very simple to customize the length of your Govee LED light strips, as long as you cut along the dotted line.

To ensure you don’t mistakenly cut your Govee LED light strips to the wrong length, it is always a good idea to double-check your measurements before grabbing your scissors.

Always use a sharp pair of scissors to ensure a clean, even cut.

The dotted line is easy to see, and lies between the little copper dots that run throughout the length of the strip.

Never cut these copper dots. If you do, your Govee light strip won’t work at all.

Once you have chosen the length and made your cut, plug the lights in and test them to ensure they are still working properly.

If you don’t test them beforehand, you might string them up only to find your lights won’t turn on!

Can You Cut Govee RGBIC Lights?

Now that you know you can cut Govee LED light strips, you may be wondering if you can cut other types of Govee light strips, like the RGBIC lights.

You cannot cut Govee RGBIC light strips. These LED light strips operate differently, as each light works as an individual cell. Cutting these strips will render them useless.

What Should I Do if I Cut My Govee Light Strips Incorrectly?

If you make a boo-boo when cutting your Govee LED light strips, don’t panic! Thankfully, this is relatively common and there is a solution.

If you need to repair the connection to your Govee LED light strips, try using wire connectors.

Follow the steps below to fix your lights with the connectors:

  • Cut the strip to the nearest dotted line.
  • Insert one end of each strip into the connector slots until the copper dots line up with the snapping piece.
  • Snap the plastic connector down.
  • Plug the lights in and test the connection.

Not only are the connectors mentioned above handy for repairs, but they also work great for making corners and other designs.

This allows you to get as wild as you want with your lighting design.

Why Should I Cut My Govee Light Strips?

The fact that you can easily cut Govee LED light strips to any length you desire opens a world of possibilities to make people’s eyes pop and jaws drop when they walk into the area.

Think outside of what you are used to, and look at your space with a fresh perspective by creating shapes and accents that draw the eye to areas of interest or importance.

To create shapes and designs easily with your Govee LED light strips, try using some clear LED light strip mounts.

They can be positioned in any way you like and easily removed if needed.

Some fun ways you can use Govee light strips to customize a space include:

  • Create an accent wall in your children’s play area with lights of varying speeds and colors.
  • Incorporate the strips into a mural or behind favorite photos and works of art.
  • Border window frames to add curb appeal and show some festivity.
  • Increase lighting in reading and work spaces to reduce eye fatigue.

These are just a few ways you can benefit from cutting your Govee LED light strips to custom lengths. The possibilities only end with your imagination.

In Conclusion

As long as you stay on the dotted line, you can cut your Govee LED light strips to any length your heart desires.

However, the same is not true for Govee RGBIC lights.

If you have the correct type of LED lights, customizing your space and creating wild, professional-looking light designs is easy.

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