Easily Connect Govee Lights to Google Home in Minutes

Govee lights that are set to red, green, and blueGovee lights that are set to red, green, and blue

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Govee smart lights are a great addition to any home. They bring a bit of flair and are compatible with the Google Home system. But how do you connect them to Google Home?

Users who own Govee lights can connect them to Google Home by launching the Google Home app and selecting the add device button at the top right-hand corner.

While these simple directions will get tech experts on their way to a smart home connection, they aren’t for everyone. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to connecting your lights.

Connect Govee to Google Home

Govee integrates seamlessly with the Google Home smart system. This is great for smart home lovers everywhere. To get started, you must:

  1. Open the Google Home App
  2. Select the add device button
  3. Set up the device
  4. Ensure to select works with Google
  5. Search for Govee home
  6. Log in to Govee
  7. Select Allow

If you follow each step carefully, you will be able to enjoy your Govee lights in no time. Each step has its own caveats, which we highlight below to ease you through the process.

If you have another smart home ecosystem, like Alexa, you can connect Govee lights with Alexa!

Launch Google Home

The very first step in your setup process will include downloading and installing the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Once it is downloaded, it is time to launch the Google Home app. 

You should log in to your Google account, so it is easy to keep all your Google Home-compatible devices in one place. 

Logging in is also beneficial as it will register the device with your associated account, so it is easy to pull warranty information if there is a problem later on.

Add Device

After launching the Google Home App, locate the plus sign button at the top right corner of the app.

Tap this button to go to the add device section of the application. This will allow you to set up a wide range of Govee products and other products compatible with Google.

If you want to buy more Govee lights eventually, below is a list of some of the Google Compatible options you can choose from.

Govee ProductPrice
Govee Dreamview T1$$$
Govee RGBIC$$
Govee Glide Wall Light$$
Govee RGBIC Bluetooth$$
Govee Dreamview P1$$
Govee Lyra Corner Lamp$$$
Govee Thermo-Hygrometer$
Govee Neon Strip Light$$
Govee RGBIC Outdoor Ground Lights$$

This is an example of the large array of options you can pick from when selecting Govee lights that work with your Google Smart Home Starter Kit.

If you have other lights, like Lutron Caseta, you can integrate them with Google Home too!

Set Up Device

The next prompt will require you to select set up the device. This is because we are adding a brand new device to the Google Home App.

The Google Home App can house different smart devices that work with Google or keep a list of others that are not compatible but are in the home.

This is helpful if the non-compatible devices later receive an update to become compatible with Google. You can set them up to work with your current Google Home system.

For now, click this prompt and continue to the next screen.

Works With Google

The Google Home app will then ask if the product you want to add is compatible with Google. 

When setting up Govee smart lights, the answer will be yes, so click the button that states ‘Works With Google.’

If you have another product you are trying to store information for that is incompatible with Google, select ‘Does Not Work With Google’ instead.

Search for Govee Home

The next screen will appear, asking you to search for the smart product you want to use with the Google Home Hub or system.

In the search field, type in Govee Home. This is the app and information the Google Home system needs to work with your new lights.

The brand logo is blue and white, and the main symbol is a G. So look for a similar-looking option and select it to continue your process.

If the search menu does not appear, click the magnifying glass to start your search. Depending on the unit you are searching for, the app can appear slightly different (iOS vs. Android).

Login to Govee

Once the Govee Home app is installed, log in to your Govee account. If you do not have a Govee account, you should make one by following these steps:

  1. Log onto the Govee website
  2. Click the circle button with the outline of a head at the top right corner (it is the login button)
  3. Click create an account
  4. Enter your first and last name
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Create a password
  7. Click Create

Once you click create, you will receive an email verification for your account. Verify it and then continue to log in. Remember, the round circle with the head shape is the log-in button.

Tap Allow

Once you have logged in to the Govee Home app on the Google Home system, tap allow. This will allow the lights to talk to Google Home and function properly.

If you do not click allow, your lights will not respond to voice commands or prompts and will not appear in the Google Home app or Google Home Hub.

Light Your Path With Govee

Govee connects seamlessly with your smart home system. It allows for easy voice commands and a user-friendly set up.

When contemplating which smart lights to buy, opt for Govee. Their crystal clear lighting and easy use make them well worth the investment.

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