Can I Use The Google Nest Audio as a Computer Speaker?

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Have you ever watched Youtube videos on your computer, wishing your speaker volume was louder? Maybe you have daily Zoom meetings wishing the sound could carry further from your desk for those times the screen is paused or faced by the unfortunate event of computer speakers burning out. 

These scenarios can make one wonder if you can use the Google Nest Audio as a computer speaker. The answer, yes, the Google Nest Audio can be a speaker for your computer, and it is relatively easy to set up. All you need is to be sure the computer has Bluetooth capabilities. 

To discover how easy setting up a Google Nest Audio to a computer is, how to prepare for set up, and how to disconnect the speaker, continue reading. 

Preparing for Pairing

To be honest, you could just dive right into attempting to set up the Google Nest Audio. However, it is always best to set yourself up for success, and to do so for this task; you should conquer a few basic steps to ensure both the Google Nest Audio and the computer are ready to pair. 

Update Your Google Nest Audio

Similar to every other Google device ever in creation, there will be updates available from time to time for the device’s software. When your Google Nest Audio has an available update, there should be a notification on the Google Home app. If you do not see a notification, open the app and check for software updates just to be sure. 

Does the Computer Have Bluetooth Abilities?

This step may seem obvious, but it never hurts to double-check rather than assume. Most computers can only support one, maybe two, Bluetooth devices at a time.

So, assuming that your computer does show the ability to connect via Bluetooth after checking the settings, make sure there are no other devices connected currently. If there are, and if the devices are no longer in use, go ahead and disconnect them.

If another Bluetooth device is connected that is in use, such as a mouse, check your computer manual or Google to ensure the computer can support more than one Bluetooth-connected device. 

Confirm the Computer Manufactured Date

The likeness your computer is older than 2010 is rare, but they are still out there. If your computer were made prior to 2010, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to connect to the Google Nest Audio or any Bluetooth device. 

Check for Computer Updates and Restart

Earlier, you checked for any Google Nest Audio updates; you must do the same for the computer software. Check your system updates and ensure there are none in the queue to be installed before moving forward with the Bluetooth connection. 

After the updates have been performed or even if already up to date, go ahead and restart the computer. 

Connecting the Google Nest Audio to Your Computer

Now that you have completed all the steps necessary to prep your computer and Nest Audio for pairing, it is time to connect the speaker.  

Ensure Both Devices are in Pairing Mode

Both devices need to be on, in pairing mode and discoverable before Bluetooth can connect. Ensuring your computer is ready is as simple as opening your Bluetooth settings and checking that the Bluetooth setting reads or is toggled towards “ON.” 

To get your Google Nest Audio into pairing mode, you have 2 routes you could choose from:

Route 1 – Say, “okay, Google, Bluetooth pairing.”

Route 2 – Open the Google Home app, choose the Nest device you wish to pair, select “Pair Bluetooth Devices, and finally, select “Enable Pairing Mode.”

Time to Connect 

Connecting Bluetooth devices will vary based on the computer you are using. The basics to connect are as follows:

  • Find the Computer Search Bar
  • Type “Bluetooth” into the search bar
  • When the “Bluetooth Settings” or “Bluetooth & Other Devices” options appear, select it to open your Bluetooth settings. 
  • Next, you will need to add the Bluetooth device by selecting the Google Nest Audio device you wish to pair. The device should appear in the pairing options since the previous set ensured the device was discoverable. 
  • Once pairing is completed, hit “done” or “finished” to save changes.

To Disconnect a Google Nest Audio from a Computer

When the time comes, you need to disconnect the Google Nest Audio from computer speaker use; simply factory reset the Nest. Factory resetting a Google Nest Audio will return the device to factory settings and remove all paired devices from memory. 

How to Factory Reset a Google Nest Audio:

  • Find the device power cord. 
  • Locate the button at the power cord. 
  • Hold the button down for 15 seconds.
  • Release the button hold once you hear the device make a sound. 

Final Thoughts

Using a Google Nest Audio as a computer speaker is a handy tool to have at your disposal. Not only for those times when your computer speakers give out but if you use your computer to play music rather than a phone. You can carry the Bluetooth speaker anywhere in your home and hear the music play.

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