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Can I Use Google Nest Audio as a Bluetooth Speaker?

Last Updated Jun 23, 2022
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Filling your home with the rich sound of your favorite music, your current audiobook, or this weekend’s game adds entertainment and fun to your everyday listening experience. Google Nest Audio is a smart speaker that brings total home control, along with multiple ways to enjoy all your favorite sounds, to your connected home. But can it be primarily used as a Bluetooth speaker?

Google Nest Audio can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. It works with the existing music stored on your phone or computer from various music-storing and other audio services. Play your favorites from Audible, iTunes, Apple Music, and personal playlists directly to your smart speaker through Bluetooth.

Today’s connected smart speakers now can do so much more than play music. However, when you host that party, catch up on the latest audiobook, work out to your favorite playlist or have some great background music while you work or cook, Google Nest Audio gives you the freedom to do all of that and more using Bluetooth. Keep reading to find out how to make this connection and start listening.

How to Connect Google Nest Audio with Bluetooth

With many streaming services and ways to store music and playlists, you will want to know how to connect to your Google Nest Audio, as well as what sources you can stream from using Bluetooth.

To connect Google Nest Audio with Bluetooth:

  • To connect from the Google Home app, open the app and choose the device you wish to pair. Then, choose Settings, Audio, Paired Bluetooth Devices, and then Enable Pairing Mode.
  • If you want to connect directly from your smartphone, choose Settings and then Bluetooth. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on by sliding the button to on. Then, tap on the name of the speaker you would like to pair.
  • You can also connect using your computer or laptop:
    • If you are using a Windows OS, choose the Start button, type Bluetooth, and select Bluetooth Settings. Tap on the name of the speaker you wish to connect with.
    • If you are using a Mac OS, click on the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences. Locate the Bluetooth icon and toggle it On. Lastly, select the name of the speaker you wish to pair.

How to Use Google Nest Audio to Start Listening

You have more than one choice when it comes to listening to your favorites. Stream your favorite music, podcast, or other audio choices in the following ways with Google Nest Audio.

  1. If you have more than one Google Nest Audio device, make sure that the speaker you wish to listen to is chosen in the Google App.
  2. Open the streaming service you wish to play and select the song, playlist, or program you wish to listen to. Start the audio, and your selection should begin on your device.

You can also control your audio using your voice. Use your wake words, “Ok, Google,” to begin the process. There are many commands you can choose from to begin listening to your favorites. For a comprehensive list of choices, click here. In most cases, using the word “Play” with the song’s name, artist, streaming service, or other content providers will begin the streaming for you.

Can Google Nest Audio and Bluetooth Work with Multiple Devices?

Entertaining a crowd or letting the whole family enjoy the music is possible if you have more than one Google Nest Audio device connected through Bluetooth. The connection process ensures all your speakers work together, filling your house with the sounds you love.

  1. First, you will need to make sure your speakers are all connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
  2. In the Google Home App, select Create Speaker Group, and place a checkmark next to each speaker you wish to add. When you are done, tap Next and Save. This speaker group will now play all the same content.

The speaker group creation process is the same for both Android, iPhone, and iPad. For more information on this process, click here.

What Services Work with Google Nest Audio and Bluetooth?

Music lovers often have a broad catalog of choices from which to choose. Making sure that you can listen to your favorites on your Google Nest Audio ensures you can pick from all your favorites. With Google Nest and Bluetooth, you can pick from many of the most popular streaming options. The following list highlights several of the services you can choose from:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Pandora
  • Sirius XM
  • Deezer
  • Tune In

For a comprehensive list of all audio services available to listen to, click here. Adding your favorite music, news, audiobooks, podcasts, and more is easy using the Google Home App.


With Google Nest Audio and Bluetooth, you have total control over the audio in your home. Whether you want to stream your favorite playlist while you make dinner or entertain throughout your home, Google Nest Audio and Bluetooth work to make it happen.