Can I Upgrade the Memory on a Samsung Smart TV?

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Do you love your Samsung Smart TV but wish it had more memory to download your favorite apps and programs? The Samsung Smart TV can be a great choice for streaming, listening, researching, learning, and all of your binge-watching needs all in one place. However, is it possible to upgrade and get more memory on your Samsung Smart TV?

It is not possible to upgrade your memory option on the Samsung Smart TV. The RAM is inside the TV’s circuit board, so it cannot be upgraded as it is within the computer system. However, it is possible to clear out some memory data and space, so you have more room to download the apps and services you want on your TV.

So how do you free up space on your TV to download more apps and shows to watch? Continue reading the article below for the steps, tips, and tricks to freeing up space and upgrading the memory on a Samsung Smart TV.

Can I Buy or Upgrade the Memory Storage on the Samsung Smart TV?

Buying or upgrading the memory storage on your Samsung Smart TV is unfortunately not an option. There is not a “Cloud” type option that Apple has where you can buy as much storage as you want.

The Samsung Smart TV has RAM that is installed within the computer system of the TV and cannot be removed to make it larger or upgraded. Due to the RAM being installed internally, you will have to free up more memory space if needed on your device.

Clear the Cache on Your Smart TV

The first step to freeing up some memory on your smart TV is to clear the cache. This will free up some space. There is information that is downloaded and running in the background for apps and computer systems that you may not even use. Clearing the cache will clear up this space from things that are not necessary. This should be completed every few weeks.

To clear the cache on your Samsung Smart TV, hold down the power button on the remote for about 15 seconds. After holding it down, start up your system, and the cache should be cleared. Check your memory storage on the app page to see if some space has been cleared up after clearing the cache.

Delete Apps That are Not Being Used

Go to the App page on your Samsung Smart TV to see which apps are downloaded on your device. If there are apps that you do not use or have never used, go to the app, click “Settings,” and delete the app. This will clear up space for the apps you use, allowing wanted applications and new applications to be downloaded.

After deleting all apps you do not currently use, space should be clear for more downloads. You can also clear the cache on specific apps. To do so, navigate to that app and select “clear cache.” This will get rid of any background downloads or noise that is not necessary from that app to clear up more memory space to be used.

How Much Memory Does My Samsung Smart TV Have?

Each Samsung Smart TV has a different amount of memory storage on its RAM, depending on which TV you have. You can easily see how much memory your specific device has on the app page. This is the page you use to navigate to all apps used on your TV.

To view how much space is on your device, navigate to the app home page on your Samsung Smart TV. After this, look in the bottom left corner to see how much free space is available and how much space your TV offers in the first place overall. You can download and delete as you need, given this memory storage information.

Keeping Apps Up to Date

It is important when it comes to device memory to make sure your device and your apps are all updated. When apps are not updated, and the system is not updated, it can cause a lot of background noise and work that is not necessary. When a program is running slow because it is out of date, it can cause your TV to slow and your memory to be filled with downloads and information that is not necessary.

This unnecessary information can cause memory shortage on the device. To make sure this does not happen on your device, update apps, and your television routinely. Check the app page to see if any updates are needed or are available.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to set your apps and device to update automatically when needed in the background. You can do this by navigating to the “Settings” function on the app page and switching the internal setting on your device. If everything is up to date, things will run more smoothly, and more memory will be free and ready to be utilized properly.

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