Can I Change the Wallpaper on My Fitbit Versa?

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Fitbit has recently made its fitness trackers customizable, joining Apple watches and Garmin products. Having the ability to customize your tracker’s apps and appearance beyond just the bands is a huge draw for customers. So, what kind of customization does Fitbit Versa offer? Can you change the wallpaper on your Fitbit Versa?

The Fitbit Versa and the Versa 2 or 3 allow users the option to change their wallpaper. The devices give their users many different ways to customize their experience, including changing the wallpaper. Users can also download other applications to fit their personal training needs, and it also offers excellent battery life, as well.

If you are looking to change the wallpaper on your Fitbit Versa, continue below!

How do I Change the Wallpaper on My Fitbit Versa?

The process is fairly easy on the Fitbit. The application provides a graphical interface for you to use to make sure your watch face looks how you want it. It even gives you a small representation of what you can expect on your phone screen.

  1. First, make sure your Fitbit and your phone are close to each other. Tap on the ‘Today’ tab that looks like the Fitbit logo.
  2. Then click on the ‘Your profile picture’ followed by the ‘Your device image’ options in the menu.
  3. Now, click the ‘Gallery’ and then the ‘Clocks’ tab.
  4. From here, you can check out all the possible watch faces and backgrounds that are available.

It really is that simple. Their clock face store gives a large array of options which ensures you will find something you are interested in. Furthermore, if you want to adjust settings on your installed watch face, just tap on the said background and click on the ‘Settings.’

Can I Choose My Own Picture?

Yes, you can! It is ever so slightly different. You basically go through the same directions as in the first step, but you have to search for the personal photo option. After step three from above, your search for the ‘Photo’ option, which will allow you to add in your own picture. It will make your picture a much lower resolution to match that of the Versa, but it should work fine for you.

How Many Watch Faces Can I Have on my Fitbit Versa?

Your Fitbit Versa allows you to customize watch faces beyond just one! This keeps Fitbit competitive with other customizable fitness trackers, like Apple Watch.

With the Versa series, you can easily switch between up to 5 watch faces or wallpapers. Once you choose one to your liking, your watch will save it automatically unless you are already at the limit of 5.

To add more at this point, you will have to go back into the ‘Clocks’ app and remove one of the previously saved choices.

Side note, if you happen to have a Versa 3, you will have a much easier time switching between these wallpapers. Simply long-press onto your watch screen, and the ‘Clocks’ app will be triggered to open.

Can I Use My Bitmoji?

Surprisingly, you can! If you are really into your Snapchat avatar, you can put it right on your wrist to look at all the time. Generally, the same steps from before can be used to get this to work.

  1. First, make sure your Fitbit and your phone are close to each other. Tap on the ‘Today’ tab that looks like the Fitbit logo.
  2. Tap ‘Gallery’ and then search for ‘Bitmoji’ using the small magnifying glass icon.
  3. The results that come up should include a clock face with a Bitmoji on it.
  4. You now must install the watch face and then go into ‘Settings.’
  5. There will be a line on the screen that mentions ‘Snapchat Connection,’ and you will need to tap it.
  6. The application will then prompt you to connect your Snapchat to your Fitbit account and let it sync up.

The fun part is the picture can stay synced up with your Snapchat avatar by utilizing the ‘Sync Bitmoji’ icon in the clock settings. That way, any time you update your picture on Snapchat, your watch will stay up to date.

Are There Any Limitations to Changing the Wallpaper on Fitbit Versa?

Naturally, there are some limitations to changing the wallpaper on a Fitbit Versa.

If you are still using the original Versa, you have to make sure that you do not have more than 38 applications loaded on your watch. Chances are, you will not have a problem here unless you have a vast array of exercises loaded onto your watch.

In any case, if you run into any issues with the wallpaper setup or anything else, the Fitbit site is excellent and gives a ton of great information.


Fitbit has been gaining market share and, therefore, popularity since its inception in 2009. They also have kept up with the competition allowing for increased personalization and constantly adding new features. One of the most popular ways people like to make their Fitbit their own is to change the wallpaper, and the Versa series gives you many options to choose from.

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