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Why Is My Fitbit Battery Draining So Fast?

Last Updated Mar 25, 2022

If you are looking for ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle, you have probably thought about investing in a popular company called Fitbit. Fitbit easily tracks your steps throughout the day, monitors your heart rate, and much more just by using a wearable smart device. Unfortunately, many users of these unique watches have had issues with extending their battery life.

Turning on the “always-on” feature and GPS through the Fitbit mobile app is the reason your battery life is draining faster. This is allowing your watch to constantly display your screen and track your location even when you are not using it at the moment

Your battery life can last long with these features depending on which type of watch you have. If you rely on these features, however, then continuing to use them is entirely up to you! There are plenty of other ways of extending your Fitbit’s battery life. 

Types Of Fitbits and Their Battery Life

Fitbit offers different types of smartwatches based on your personal needs. For example, if you just need something to track your steps and nothing else, then a watch like the Fitbit Inspire can do you plenty of good. However, if you’re looking for something that can offer a lot more than just tracking steps, then a watch like the Fitbit Versa could work for you.

Although each Fitbit has different features, they also have different battery lives from the other. Depending on which one you have, you may or may not have one that lasts as long as you’d like. Perhaps you aren’t satisfied with your current Fitbit battery life and may want to upgrade to a better one. 

According to Fitbit Help, here are all Fitbit types and their expected battery life:

Fitbit TypeBattery Life
VersaVersa Lite Edition4+ Days
AltaAce and Ace 2BlazeCharge 2Flex 2IonicInspireLuxeUp to 5 Days
SenseVersa 2 and Verse 36+ Days
Alta HRCharge 3, Charge 4, Charge 5Up to 7 Days
Ace 3Up to 8 Days
Inspire 2Up to 10 Days
OneUp to 2 Weeks
ZipUp to 6 Months

Now, let’s look at why your fitbit isn’t charging with the charging cable.

How Come My Fitbit Isn’t Charging With the Charging Cable?

If you have a completely functioning Fitbit and you’re happy with the battery life, then that’s great! Well what if for some reason your Fitbit’s charger isn’t working and you aren’t able to recharge it? There could be a few different reasons why this is happening.

Check to see if your charging cable’s pins are dirty and if they are completely attached to your Fitbit’s charging port. If the charging cables’ pins are obstructed in any way, they may not be able to detect that you’re charging your Fitbit. 

You also need to make sure that the charging cable is fully secure on your Fitbit in order for it to charge. Additionally, while this may sound like an obvious thing, checking to make sure your charger’s plugin didn’t fall out of the outlet can be a sure indicator as to why your Fitbit isn’t charging.

If you’d like to learn more about Fitbits, check out our other article here.

What Are Ways to Extend the Battery for My Fitbit’s Life?

There are also plenty of other ways to extend your current Fitbit battery life instead of buying an entirely new one! Here are just a few examples from Fitbit Help:

  • Dim the brightness. You don’t need to have it on the highest setting to see your data displayed.
  • Adjust how frequently your screen stays on. You can access this by going into your Fitbit app and turning off the “always-on” feature. 
  • Turn off your Fitbit when it’s not in use. After your workout, simply turn off your Fitbit so you don’t waste its battery.
  • Turn off notifications. You can do this through your Fitbit App.
  • Minimize your music and call usage. Reducing the use of unnecessary features instead of using your smartwatch to work out can increase your Fitbit’s battery life. 
  • Use dynamic GPS. This can allow you to use your mobile device to track distance and steps for you instead of your Fitbit doing all of the work.

Now you know everything about the issues with your Fitbit’s power life.


Make sure that your Fitbit is well taken care of and you are using all of the features you have enabled it to have. You would be surprised at how many ways there are to keep your Fitbit battery from draining faster. 

If you’re still having difficulties with your smartwatch’s battery, you can always contact Fitbit here and see if they have a solution for you!