Can Echo Studio Be Used Outdoors?

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You already know what your Amazon Echo Studio can do you indoors, it’s time to explore what your Echo Studio can do outdoors. Before now, you have always enjoyed Alexa technology to serve as your companion inside your house, but what about outdoors? Is Echo Studio as effective outside as it is in? Can it even be used outdoors?

The good news is that you can absolutely use your Echo Studio outside. And the even better news is that it’s just as easy to use outdoors as it is indoors. There are even some ways you can use Echo Studio outside to enhance your outdoor experience.

If you’re interested in using your Echo Studio outdoors, stick around. We have a few great ways to use your Amazon Echo Studio outside to take outdoor living to the next level. Just keep reading.

Using Echo Studio Outdoors

Now that you have finally decided to take your Echo Studio experience to the next step by bringing it outside, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Protecting your Echo Studio and keeping your Echo studio within range of your Wi-Fi router are two main things you’ll need to be mindful of in keeping your Echo Studio outdoors.

Protect Your Echo Studio from Weather

You will need to make sure to keep your Echo in an area that is covered – maybe an umbrella or on a porch. Also, you can mount the gadget near an outlet in your house or make use of a portable battery base. This will prevent the gadget from getting damaged from any extreme weather, like wind or rain.

Keep Your Echo Within Range

The Echo Studio must be within reach of your Wi-Fi network.  If your in-home router is too far away to connect to your Echo Studio, you can use a personal hotspot from your phone or other devices.

Ways To Use Your Amazon Echo Studio Outdoor

Now you know that yes, you can use your Echo Studio outdoors, and you know where to put it to use efficiently. Next, we’ll outline a few different uses for taking your Echo Studio outside.

Ways to use your Echo Studio outdoors include:

Watch and Listen to Outdoor Activities with Echo Studio

Echo Studio can tell you what is currently happening outside your house. For this to work, you will need a display like the Echo Show inside the house. However, you may decide to turn OFF the camera to avoid a third party dropping in on you.   

For use in your backyard, these gadgets can monitor your pets or kids while playing outside and keep efficient track of any outdoor events. 

Simply say something like “Alexa, drop in on [and then say the name of your device]” to drop in on a device.

Take Control of Your Smart Gadgets Outside the House

If you have previously set up a smart light outside your home, you know just how much time you can spend turning them ON or OFF. However, if you have set up the Echo Studio on the front porch of your house, you can have Alexa do it for you. 

Likewise, if you are using a smart lock in your home and you mistakenly lock yourself outside while your phone is not with you, you can use Alexa to unlock the smart lock. However, for security reasons, you will have to know the voice code. This is to prevent anyone else aside from you from having access to your home without your consent.

Enjoy Your Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Music Both Inside and Outside

Just imagine enjoying a podcast while dining al fresco! Or have your favorite tunes playing while doing yardwork. Sure, you can use your phone for this, but with Echo Studio, you don’t have to waste your phone battery.

Follow the simple prompts below to connect Alexa to your headphones or earbuds:

  • Launch the Alexa app that you have already downloaded on your smartphone
  • Click on Devices. From here, click on the Plus (+) icon on the top right side.
  • Select Add Device. Scroll down and then click on Headphones.
  • When you follow these steps, Alexa will begin to search for available devices.

Remember that you need to make sure that your headphones are powered to ON and that the headphone is ready to establish a connection. You will be prompted with some on-screen instructions to establish the setup. 

It is pertinent that you are located within earshot of the speaker if you don’t like what you are listening to and want to change it. Also, note that Alexa will respond from the headphones and not your speaker once the connection has been established. When you are done and are ready to disconnect, simply say, “Alexa, disconnect.”

Final Thoughts

Now you’re officially ready to use your Echo Studio outdoors! Your outdoor living just got a whole lot better.

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