How Far Can The Wyze Outdoor Camera Be From The Base?

Mounting the Wyze cam panMounting the Wyze cam pan

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When it comes to smart home devices, the most important aspect is making sure they all communicate the way they are supposed to without interruption. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure all of your devices are connected and receiving a strong signal to your base hub or your home wifi. This is even more important when it comes to outdoor security devices, where a signal drop or weak connection may go unnoticed until an emergency occurs! 

The maximum signal range for the Wyze Outdoor Camera from the Base Station is up to 300 Feet. However, this range is for a completely unobstructed signal and may vary depending on certain factors.

In this article, we will be answering the question of how far the Wyze Outdoor Camera can be from the Base, as well as providing you with instructions for how to check your signal strength to ensure the best connection, and why it’s important to have the most optimal signal for your camera. Let’s get started! 

What Can I Do To Improve My Outdoor Cam’s Signal Strength? 

While the range between your Outdoor Cam and the Base Station can be up to 300 feet, this doesn’t take any obstructions into account, which can lower the range of your camera. To improve the signal strength of your new camera, there are a few things you should keep in mind during the installation process. We’ve provided a few tips below to help you get the best signal possible: 

  • Make sure that you place your Outdoor camera as close to your Wifi router as possible, keeping the indoor location in mind when doing so. 
  • Your Outdoor Camera’s range is also determined by how thick the walls in your home are. Consider placing your router as close to the door or a window inside your home when using an outdoor smart home device like your camera to improve signal quality. This is an especially important consideration if your home is constructed of materials like brick, cement, or the walls of your home are thick, as this impacts signal strength. 
  • If you have a large home or a bigger backyard, you may wish to consider using a Wifi extender to boost the signal strength from your router to your Outdoor camera. This is a particularly good option if you own a significant amount of land or wish to use multiple Outdoor devices that run on a wifi connection, as a wifi extender also improves the performance of multiple devices by increasing the signal strength as well.  
  • Make sure to follow all instructions for setup included with your Wyze Outdoor Camera. This may seem like a simple suggestion, but many set-up issues can occur by failure to follow the instructions provided for both the device you are trying to set up for the specific type of phone or tablet you intend to use.

Checking The Wyze Outdoor Camera’s Signal

Okay, so now that we know the optimal signal range for our Wyze Outdoor Camera, how do we check to make sure our camera has the strongest signal possible, and what do we need to know to optimize that connection in our own homes? Read on to find out! 

Checking the signal strength of your Wyze Outdoor Camera and your Base Station is a simple process, and routinely keeping an eye on your signal strength will ensure that your outdoor cams are working properly to keep your home safe. 

To check your Outdoor cam’s connection, follow the steps we’ve outlined below: 

  1. Open the Wyze App on your smartphone or controlling device
  2. Select Wyze Base Station
  3. To check the signal strength of your Outdoor Camera, look at the bars next to the camera listing in the app. If you have the best signal strength, there will be three bars to indicate an optimal connection. 

When you are receiving an optimal connection from your Wifi to your Base Station and Outdoor Camera, you will also see a solid blue indicator light on both devices. If the blue light is flashing, or the light is yellow, your devices may not be paired sufficiently. 


Smart home devices have come a long way in terms of range and connectivity, but there are still times when they need a little human help to keep everything running smoothly and working together to keep your home safe. 

In this article, we’ve provided you with the answer to the question of how far the Wyze Outdoor Camera can be from the Base, as well as some valuable information on how to check the signal strength of your device and some handy troubleshooting tips and tricks to get your Outdoor Camera connected and running smoothly to protect your home and your peace of mind! 

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