Are Samsung TV Legs Interchangeable?

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Samsung TV leg sizes and lengths vary from model to model. You might not like the legs that came with your Samsung TV, or you might have TV legs that are broken or crooked. Is there any way to change out the legs on your Samsung TV?

The Samsung TV legs on a 55-inch Samsung TV are compatible with both 55-inch TVs and the smaller 43-inch Samsung TV models. Samsung TV legs can be removed and reattached, allowing new legs to be installed if the old ones become defective through wear and tear. 

If you don’t like the legs that came with your Samsung TV, you aren’t stuck with them. Keep reading to learn more about which Samsung TV legs are interchangeable and how to change yours out for some new ones. 

Are Samsung TV Legs Interchangeable?

Whether a model of Samsung TV legs can be interchanged with another model’s legs depends on the size of the TV. 55-inch Samsung TVs can accept legs that fit on either a 55-inch or a 43-inch Samsung TV. However, the TV legs for larger TV models will not fit on smaller Samsung TVs. 

This lack of fit doesn’t mean you can’t replace your Samsung TV legs. If you want to get a replacement for your Samsung TV legs that were lost or broken, Samsung has these parts available for purchase. Changing them is an easy process even if you don’t have any technical skills. 

How to Remove Samsung TV Legs

To change out your Samsung TV lets, you’ll have to know how to remove the old legs. Here’s the easiest and safest way to do that without damaging your television: 

  • Power the TV down. Before you start messing with the legs on your Samsung TV, disconnect it from its power source and any third-party devices like soundbars and gaming consoles. The TV should be freestanding and able to move without being restricted by wires. 
  • Lay the TV down. To access the Samsung TV legs, pick the TV up and lay the TV face-down on a soft surface like a towel to prevent damage to the monitor. Laying the Samsung TV down on its monitor face gives you access to the Samsung TV legs that are screwed onto the backside of the monitor. 
  • Remove the TV stand. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the TV stand from the back of the TV and pull it off. Make sure to hold the TV up while the TV stand is being removed so it doesn’t slam back down on the floor when the stand comes loose.

Once you’ve removed the legs on your Samsung TV, you can replace them with new legs or prepare the TV for a wall mount. 

How to Install New Samsung TV Legs

Installing new Samsung TV legs on your TV is simple as long as you get a set of TV legs that will fit. To place new TV legs on your Samsung TV, perform the same operation as you would to remove the TV legs, just in reverse. Here’s how you can install new Samsung TV legs on your TV as long as they’re an interchangeable model: 

  • Lay the TV face-down on a towel and remove the old TV legs. You can take the old TV legs off by following the guidelines in the section above. 
  • Place the new TV stand on the TV. It may be helpful to have someone hold the TV up off the towel slightly so you can keep the TV stand aligned for the screws. Otherwise, the angle of the monitor may make it difficult to line the TV stand up with the monitor body. 
  • Screw the new TV stand on. Your new TV stand should come with screws to connect the new stand to the installation point on the back of the monitor. 

If you don’t have a compatible set of TV legs to change out on your TV stand, you can also remove the TV legs to mount the Samsung TV on a wall. 

Alternatives to Samsung TV Legs

Trying to interchange your Samsung TV legs and they don’t fit? You aren’t completely out of options. The other alternative to replacing the TV legs is to mount your Samsung TV on the wall. Mounting a Samsung TV is also a good option if you don’t have the floor space to place a TV stand that is at least forty-eight inches across. 

Another option is to contact Samsung directly. You can order replacement TV legs from the company that match up with the Samsung model you own, so you’ll be sure to receive TV legs that will fit.

Samsung TV Legs Are Easy to Replace

If you accidentally damage your Samsung TV legs during transport or you lose them after separating them from your monitor, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll still be able to interchange the old TV legs on your Samsung for a new set. 

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