6 Fixes for Roku Blinking Blue Light- Quick Fix!

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A blinking blue Roku light right in the middle of your favorite shows is annoying, to say the least. But don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent situation, there are definitely easy ways to remedy your Roku’s blinking blue light.

If you have a Roku streaming device and start to experience an issue with a constant blue blinking light, read on below to find out how to quickly fix this problem.

6 Ways to Fix a Blinking Blue Light on Your Roku, Including a Quick Fix

The Roku streaming stick, currently in its 2021 version, offers 4K and HDR quality in a highly portable and powerful package. This streaming device has long-range Wi-Fi connectivity, which adds to its convenience.

The Roku blinking blue light is a common issue that Roku users may experience at times. This can have various origins and various solutions, but here are the quickest ways to get this problem fixed.

Most triggers for this problem have to do with connectivity issues between the cable connections linking the device to the TV. It may also indicate that there are compatibility issues taking place.

The easiest ways to fix a blinking blue light on your Roku include replacing the power cord or plugging the Roku directly into the HDMI port. You can also try using the Roku device on a different TV.

Replace the Roku Power Cord

While each Roku device is packaged with its own power cord, this may experience a significant amount of wear through the years. If you suddenly start experiencing a blinking blue light display on your Roku, it may indicate that there is a problem with the power cord.

Here are the steps to follow when replacing the power cord on your Roku:

  • Unplug the original power cord and fully disconnect it from the Roku.
  • Separate the original power cord from the power adapter.
  • Bring out your new power cord and plug the larger end of it into the charger head or the power adapter, depending on what you’re using.
  • Connect the other end directly to the Roku device.
  • Plug the new power cord into a power source and make sure everything is running as it should.

If replacing the power cord on the Roku gets rid of the blinking blue light, you will be certain that the culprit was a connectivity issue.

Use HDMI Cables with Your Roku

Many Roku users use RCA cables instead of HDMI cables. The latter option is much more durable and offers the best quality. Experts recommend using HDMI cables with a Roku streaming device whenever possible.

HDMI cables overheat less, and they help with providing the best possible streaming experience. It will also prevent many issues that can trigger the Roku blinking blue light. If you are experiencing the blinking blue light, change your cables to HDMI ones and check if the problem has gone away.

Some Roku devices, like the streaming sticks, won’t use HDMI cables. This fix is only relevant to the ones where a connection to the TV is established via cable.

Replace HDMI Cables

If you already were using HDMI cables with your Roku streaming device and start experiencing the Roku blinking blue light problem, consider replacing the cables. The blinking blue light in most cases indicates a cable connectivity issue.

If you have been using the same HDMI cables for your Roku for a longer time, they may be exposed to significant amounts of wear that will cause connectivity problems. Here are some tips on how to replace faulty HDMI cables:

  • Disconnect both the Roku device and the TV it is connected to from the power source.
  • Unplug the original HDMI cable from both devices.
  • Connect the new HDMI cable to the TV and the Roku.
  • Reconnect the Roku and the TV to power, and turn on both devices.

Use the Roku with a Different TV

A blinking blue light on a Roku device may suggest that there is a compatibility issue between it and the TV you are using to watch your favorite streaming platforms. Luckily, it is easy to both check if this is causing the problem and fix it if that is the case.

If you are worried about compatibility issues between your Roku device and your TV, try connecting it to a different one. If the blinking blue light disappears from the Roku while connected to a different TV, that will be what is causing the problem.

Check If the Blue Light Is Just an Indicator

The blinking blue light on a Roku device can be a normal indicator light that occasionally turns on. This usually happens when the device is shutting off or when it is experiencing some other kind of status change.

If you are experiencing blinking blue light, observe its pattern. If it appears before the Roku shuts down and then disappears, then you aren’t experiencing a problem with the device.

Plug the Roku Directly into the HDMI Port

For compatible Roku devices that use HDMI cables, you should avoid using adapters. Plug the Roku directly into the TV’s HDMI port. This will eliminate any potential connectivity issues between the devices that may cause the blinking blue light.


Roku users may occasionally face a persistent blinking blue light. This issue has several quick and easy fixes that can be implemented at any time and without costly repairs. The blinking blue light can even be a normal indicator that requires no troubleshooting.

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