Why is the Light Flashing or Blinking on My Toshiba TV?


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Toshiba TVs are some of the most popular ones on the market and the brand is known for their electronic devices. When shopping for a new TV, you are probably almost always confronted with Toshiba options. Although they are some of the most widely sold TVs and tend to have excellent reviews, many users experience issues with the light blinking or flashing on the TV. 

The most common reasons the light on the TV is flashing or blinking are because the firmware needs to be updated or because there is something wrong with the power supply. There might also be more serious issues like with the fuses, but these are less common. 

You might be wondering exactly how to fix the issues we listed above. Don’t worry, we will cover all the answers you need in this article. We will also discuss troubleshooting tips and things you need to look out for that might mean you need to purchase a new TV. 

My Toshiba TV Won’t Stop Flashing or Blinking 

While many people don’t experience issues with their Toshiba TV, some people report that the power light on their TV won’t stop blinking or flashing. The good news is that this issue isn’t usually serious, and you can often fix it at home. In some cases, though, you will need to call a professional to come and help. 

Try the following tips to get your TV to stop blinking. 

Update the Firmware 

If there has been a recent update in the firmware and your TV started blinking after the update, there might be a bug in the firmware. Make sure to call Toshiba and report the issue. Many other users are probably reporting the issue as well. 

Toshiba will fix the bug and then offer a new update. Make sure to install the new update as soon as possible to fix the problem. After the new update, you should see your TV stop blinking. 

If you have not updated the firmware recently, it might be causing your TV to have issues such as with the power supply. This can cause the blinking light. Check if your TV needs to be updated and then install the new firmware. 

How to Update Newer Toshiba TV Models

Follow these steps to update your TV’s firmware:

  1. Press the home button on the remote. 
  2. Find the app’s icon on the home menu. 
  3. Select the Help button. 
  4. Choose System Software. 
  5. Choose Update Software. 

The TV will install the new firmware and then restart once it’s done. When you see the TV restarting, check to see if the light is still blinking or not. 

How to Update Older Toshiba TV Models

If you have a Toshiba TV that was made for 2016, the steps are a little different. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Menu button. 
  2. Choose Support. 
  3. Choose Software Update. 
  4. Choose Update Now. 

The TV will update the firmware and then restart once it’s done. If you would like to learn more about Toshiba, check out this article.

Check the Power Supply 

If you tried updating your firmware and the light is still blinking, you might have an issue with the power supply. If you don’t have any experience checking power fuses or wires, you need to call a professional so you don’t end up harming yourself. 

You can also contact Toshiba support and ask them to send someone to your house to check the power supply. They will need to open up the power supply unit and check the fuses. A professional will be able to tell you if the fuses are burnt out or not. 

If the fuses are not burnt out, then you might have a more serious problem. If the fuses are burnt out, you can buy new ones and have a professional replace them. 

Check the Main Board

Sometimes there is a fuse problem in the main unit of the TV. This often happens after a power outage. When the power randomly goes out and your TV is on, it can cause too much electricity to hit your TV. This can ruin the main board of the TV. 

The best way to get your mainboard checked is to call Toshiba and have them send a support person to your house to check it for you. Under certain warranties, this visit will be free. 

If there is a problem with the board, you will need to replace it. Some older Toshiba TVs don’t have replacements for the mainboard and you will need to replace the entire TV. 

Final Thoughts 

When your Toshiba TV won’t stop blinking, it can be frustrating and distracting. If you notice your TV blinking, make sure to take steps to fix the problem right away. Check the firmware and update it if needed. If this doesn’t work, call Toshiba support to check the power supply and the TV’s mainboard.

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