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Why Is Toshiba TV Cheap? Are They Still Good TVs?

Last Updated Feb 24, 2022

Buying a brand new TV can be daunting. With old plasmas, LEDs, OLEDs, QLEDs, 1080p, 4k, 8k, 55-inch, 85-inch, high dynamic range, millions of colors, more like millions of choices. TVs manufacturers have a million ways to try and sell you a new TV. Though the latest technology is making TVs thinner and brighter than ever, it is also taking the prices to astronomical heights.  

Toshiba TVs are cheap because Toshiba is over one hundred years old and, as an established manufacturer, can afford to make great televisions for a great price. Their televisions go on sale frequently on Amazon, which will net you a much larger TV, with impressive software packages for a low price.

Toshiba was established in 1875, so it isn’t likely that they are going anywhere any time soon. Toshiba may not be the top television manufacturer on the market, but they manufacture a great product for a very competitive price.  

The Pros of a Toshiba TV

Toshiba has many great TVs to offer, from lower-end LCD models to modern QLED TVs. Many of their TVs are offered at a budget-friendly price that many people can take advantage of. Toshiba balances the line perfectly between affordability and the product offered.

The Price

First and foremost, you can’t beat the price.  Buying a Toshiba can generally save you hundreds of dollars on a similar model by another brand.  With a common price in early 2022 for a 50” Smart LED TV going for around $500, Toshiba offers their 50-inch LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV for $369.99.  

If you pay attention to price trends on Amazon, you can even get a better deal than that. They have a 65” 4K UHD TV for $499.99 on sale.  You can’t beat the budget price of a name brand like Toshiba.

People also decide to use Toshiba TVs as computer monitors because they are of great quality for a great price.

LED and Audio Hardware

Right now, Toshiba has some of the best-reviewed LED TVs in their price range on the market. 

Toshiba also uses Onkyo sound processors and Dolby Audio in many of their televisions, resulting in fantastic sound and unnecessary soundbar.  

Some models even have a built-in subwoofer, though these features are becoming less common as television manufacturing trends lean towards making televisions thinner.

Amazon Fire and Alexa

Another selling point for many people is that Toshiba has partnered with Amazon and has Amazon Fire and Alexa pre-installed on their Smart TVs. This allows for the seamless use of streaming apps and Alexa to help navigate those apps for those who might have trouble with modern technology.

The Cons

Like many things in life, with a great deal comes a few compromises.  If you want to save money by purchasing a budget TV, don’t expect it to function and operate as a high-end 8K QLED.  All that will happen is you will find yourself disappointed.

Viewing Angle

One of the complaints that people throw at Toshiba screens is problems with the television’s brightness when viewed from certain angles.  There is no problem when the viewer is positioned straight in front of the TV; there is no problem.  However, the screen will become somewhat dimmer when the viewer is positioned farther off to the side. 

Resolution & Refresh Rate

Some customers have complained that they aren’t getting the full 1080p their TV claims to be putting out.  Some customers with LCDs have reported that their 1080p TVs were putting out 1080i resolution.  The difference is progressive scan vs. interlaced scanning.  With interlaced scanning in 1080i resolution, fast-moving images can seem staggered or laddering as they are moving.  

Add this to some TVs with a lower-end refresh rate, the speed with which the TV refreshes the picture on the screen, and if you are a sports fan or video game player, the picture could become jarring.

Budget Hardware

With a budget smart TV comes budget hardware.  Though the picture itself can be great, especially with Toshiba’s LED and OLED models, many TV manufacturers cut corners with hardware used for the “smart” part of their televisions.  Budget brands have to save money somewhere.

Although external devices can be used for dedicated streaming, such as a Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, or Apple TV, many prefer not to have to use multiple remotes and to use the apps that are offered by their smart television.  Some people have complained of Toshiba TV Smart capabilities being slow at times.  It is something to consider when buying a budget TV.

Whether You Go Toshiba Or Not…

If you decide to buy a Toshiba Smart TV, you won’t be disappointed if you manage your expectations.  The TV is great for television and movies but may not be great if you are a gamer or watch 4K, 120hz, 60fps, and sports games.  If all you want to do is lay back on the couch and binge-watch some TV shows, then Toshiba is a fantastic budget choice.