Why Is the ADT Alarm Door Chime Not Working?

A key inside a lock of a door.A key inside a lock of a door.

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ADT Alarm Door Chimes are a popular feature of the ADT security and monitoring system, but they occasionally have technical issues. If your ADT Alarm Door Chime goes down, you won’t know when someone approaches the entrance of your home.

ADT Alarm Door Chimes usually stop working when they’re low on battery power or they’ve been disrupted by a power outage. A low battery issue is indicated by a beeping sound from your ADT touchpad. The Door Chime can sometimes be restored using the reset function.

If your ADT Alarm Door Chime isn’t working, it’s typically an easy fix. Read on to learn more about how to get your ADT Alarm Door Chime up and running again.

Causes of ADT Alarm Door Chime Failure

There are a few reasons that can crop up that may result in your ADT Alarm Door Chime randomly shutting off. Here are a few of the most common causes for an ADT Alarm Door Chime failure:

  • Power outage: Sometimes a power surge or outage can cause the ADT Alarm Door Chime to shut down. At this point, the door chime usually requires a reset to become reconnected to the main ADT network.
  • Device malfunction: If you can’t resolve your ADT Alarm Door Chime failure by charging or resetting it, this may indicate that the hardware of the door chime is defective or damaged.

Luckily for homeowners, the most common causes of ADT Alarm Door Chime failure are easily corrected with a few simple steps. 

How to Recharge Your ADT Alarm Door Chime

If you notice a beeping noise issuing from your ADT touchpad and your door chime isn’t functional, the most likely suspect is a low battery. Another indication that the battery is low is that the doorbell will blink red. To charge up your ADT door chime, you’ll need access to a micro-USB charging cord as well as a charger or charging station.

To initiate a recharge of your ADT Alarm Door Chime, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to remove the battery pack from the door chime. To do this, press down on the tab at the bottom of the mounting bracket to loosen the doorbell and attached battery pack in its housing.
  • Slide the doorbell upward in its groove to pull it out of the mounting bracket.
  • Once loose, the doorbell can be attached to a micro-USB charging port via the charging port in the battery using a micro-USB charging cord. A full charge on the ADT Alarm Door Chime should take approximately 6-8 hours.
  • When the light on the doorbell battery shines green, the battery is fully charged and the doorbell is ready to return to the mounting bracket. Place the charged doorbell back in the mounting bracket and slide it down until it snaps back into place.

In many cases, simply charging your doorbell should be enough to get it working again. But if this process doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to reset the doorbell entirely.

How to Reset Your ADT Alarm Door Chime

An ADT Alarm Door Chime reset is usually required when the door chime loses connectivity to the main ADT system for some reason. This is frequently the result of a power outage or interruption.

To reset your ADT Alarm Door Chime as part of a troubleshooting process, perform the following:

  • On your ADT touchpad, go to the Tools submenu on the far righthand side of the screen and press the icon.
  • Put in your ADT master code. This gives you access to a variety of different user and advanced settings. Select Settings and then select Chime.
  • In the menu, you can toggle the chime either On or Off. Toggle the chime to On to reset the system.

At this point, the doorbell chime should be reset and operational. If you ever need to turn off your ADT Alarm Door Chime, you can access it and many of your other ADT device settings from the touchpad menu.

Failure to Recharge or Reset the ADT Door Chime

If you’ve failed to get your ADT Alarm Door Chime working after performing a recharge and a reset, the problem may lie in your doorbell hardware or battery pack. Replacing these components may be necessary in order to get your door chime system working again if efforts to reset the software fail.

A Broken ADT Door Chime Is Usually a Quick Fix

When your smart home doorbell stops working, chances are you can solve the problem yourself with a little work. These systems are designed simply to be adjusted by homeowners rather than technicians, so you should be able to get your system operational again without having to bring in an expert to look at things.

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