Why Is Sharp TV So Slow?


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Sharp TV is among the big names in the technology industry. They are among the pioneers of giant smart TVs with streaming, internet, and other amazing features. Although Sharp is a reliable brand, their TVs sometimes come up with technical issues. The most common issue is that your Sharp TV may become slower in performance after a couple of years.

If your Sharp TV becomes slower in its functions, here are the most likely causes for your TV’s lagging performance:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Bad designs and processors
  • Insufficient memory space
  • Outdated television set

Sharp TV requires a certain level of quality regarding its internet connectivity. Streaming with your Sharp TV requires a lot of data transmission through a secured internet source. In the coming paragraphs, we would be discussing how you can clear cache, cookies, and data on your Sharp TV, why your internet might be slow, and how you can enhance your TV’s Internet connection.

Why Your Sharp TV Is So Slow

It can be annoying when you’re trying to watch your favorite streaming services on your Sharp TV and they are unresponsive due to it loading so slow.

Some reasons why your Sharp TV is so slow include:

  • If your Sharp TV is connected to a weak internet source, it would slow down the performance of your TV. 
  • Older smart television models were produced with processors poorly designed, or not suitable for effective performance.
  • Running out of storage space on your Sharp TV would make your TV to be slow in performance. This is as a result of having too much data such as cookies, and caches stored on it.
  • As time passes, everything tends to get old, and advanced models are developed. If your TV has been active for several years and has started slowing down, it means your TV may not be compatible with newer software updates. 

Let’s move on to some fixes for these issues.

How to Clear Cache, Cookies, and Data On Sharp TV

A cache is where your Sharp TV stores data and files from the app that has been running on your Sharp TV. These files and data are kept temporarily in your TV’s cache memory space. The cache runs with the app to create a more effective performance. As your TV Stores a lot of files in the TV’s cache memory, this can take up space in your Sharp TV which will make it run slow. 

That is why clearing your TV’s cache helps boost the performance of your Sharp TV. In that sense, you want to clear the cache on your Sharp TV, you can get it done using these steps:

  1. Go to the “Home” screen of your Sharp TV. 
  2. Select “All Apps”. 
  3. Look for “Settings”, and tap to open. 
  4. Select “Apps”. 
  5. Select the “All” tab to see all the applications.
  6. Select the app you want to clear the cache. 
  7. Select “Clear cache”.
  8. Use this same process for other apps. 

Clearing your cache on your Sharp TV is similar to clearing your cache on your smartphone or computer. Other Sharp TV brands such as Sharp Roku TV do not follow this process when clearing their cache and browsing data. Sharp Roku TVs do not store cache locally aside from user data and preferences.

Why Is My Internet Connection Running So Slow? 

One of the reasons your Sharp TV may be running slow is as a result of slow internet speed. To get the best out of your Sharp TV, you need a fast, secure, and reliable internet source. If your internet connection is not strong enough, or the bandwidth is not high enough, your Sharp TV would have difficulties streaming movies, as well as acting as a Smart Hub.

If your internet connection is slow on your Sharp TV, these factors may be the reason behind it:

  • Too many devices are connected to the internet source. 
  • A device connected to your internet source is downloading a huge amount of data. 
  • Your internet plan download speed is not high enough. 
  • You use an outdated router.
  • The TV is far away from the wireless router.

These factors help to keep your Sharp TV  in good performance mode. It reduces the chances of experiencing slow internet and TV performance. 

How To Enhance Your TV’s Internet Connection

In some situations, your TV might not have a strong connection with your router. This makes your TV run slower in its performance. 

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection on your TV, you can use the following steps to enhance your TV’s internet connectivity:

  • Place your router closer to your TV.
  • Use a wireless range extender, like the TP-Link WiFi Extender, to boost your signals. 
  • Use a standard ethernet cable to 

connect your TV directly to your modem. 

The farther your router is from your TV, the less bandwidth you have so it is advised to always place your router closer to your TV for a better and faster viewing experience.


Sharp is a big and reliable TV brand that produces quality smart TVs with different features. Unfortunately, you may sometimes come across technical issues when using it. Over the years your Sharp TV may become slower in performance. This may be caused by insufficient memory space on your TV so it is advised to clear your cache to create more space.

A poor internet connection can make your TV also run slow in performance, so it is advised to place your router closer to your TV for a stronger connection.

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