Why Does My Sharp TV Have No Sound?


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Sharp TV offers a diverse option of affordable, but quality TV sets which are packed with amazing features. Although Sharp TVs are reliable, they sometimes come with technical issues which limit your viewing experience. Some Sharp TV users have reported that occasionally, they experience audio problems whereby your TV suddenly has no sound.

Your Sharp TV having no sound could be a result of the following:

  • A wrong connection to your surround sound system, or other audio devices
  • Damaged cables or wires
  • Component failure
  • Your Sharp TV audio is on mute

In this article, we would be looking at how you can get back your TV’s sound, and how to reset your Sharp TV to fix the no sound issue. 

How to Make Your Sharp TV Have Sound

Using a TV set that has no sound can be annoying because you wouldn’t understand and enjoy your TV program, limiting your TV experience. It takes more than visual images from your TV screen to make TV programs enjoyed by users therefore, sound plays a vital role while watching your TV. 

In case your TV develops audio problems, we have outlined steps you can follow to get this fixed:

  1. Increase the volume of your TV and other connected media devices
  2. Check the audio configuration on your TV, and other media devices
  3. Switch off and unplug your TV, as well as other media devices
  4. Examine your TV cables and ports, also check the port and cables on your media devices. Make sure they are connected firmly and correctly
  5. Make sure no headphones are connected to your TV
  6. Swap out your media devices for another one
  7. Change your TVs speaker output to the internal speaker
  8. Search for and install recommended software updates available to your device
  9. If the problem still persists, do a factory reset

These steps are the best measures used to address several possible causes of your TV not having sound, and they should be considered first before calling a professional for servicing. 

How to Reset My Sharp TV?

Performing factory reset on your device returns your TV to its original, out-of-the-box state. If you continue to experience audio troubles after performing basic troubleshooting techniques on your Sharp TV, you should consider resetting your Sharp TV to its default settings. If you want to perform factory reset on your Sharp TV, we can assist you on how you can do that.

Resetting your Sharp TV can be done in two ways. One is the hard reset, while the other is the soft reset. The hard reset makes use of your TV buttons to reset your device. While in the soft reset, you can use the on screen menu to reset your device. 

How to Hard Reset your Sharp TV

Resetting your Sharp TV using the hard reset method is simple.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your TV from the power source
  2. Press and hold the “Channel Down” button, and “Input” button
  3. Plug your TV to a power source
  4. Continue holding these buttons until your TV turns back on
  5. Using your remote, navigate to the “Service Mode” menu
  6. Select “Factory Reset” from the menu
  7. Press the “Enter” button on your remote

When using the hard reset method to reset your TV, your personal data and settings saved on your TV will not be lost after your TV restarts. 

How to Soft Reset your Sharp TV

Resetting your Sharp TV using the soft reset method can be done with these steps:

  1. Turn on your Sharp TV
  2. Press the “Menu” button on your TV remote
  3. Navigate down, and click on the “Setup” option
  4. Click on the “Reset” option, and press the “Enter” button on your remote
  5. Enter your passcode if asked to do so
  6. Click on the “Yes” option to begin the reset
  7. You will see a message on your screen stating  “Now initializing”

Factory reset deletes all your Sharp TV data and settings, signs you out and uninstalls any app installed in your Sharp TV. So you will need to reconfigure your TV settings to suit your personal taste. If the audio problem of your TV is caused by an incorrect software setting, factory reset may fix the problem. 


Sharp TVs are quality products which give users everything needed to have an enjoyable viewing experience. Although, it sometimes comes with technical and audio issues, whereby your TV has no sound. There are basic troubleshooting steps you can take to solve this.

Resetting your TV to its default settings is one of the basic steps you can use to solve this audio problem. A Factory reset on your Sharp TV can be done using the hard reset, or soft reset method.

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