Why Is My Toshiba TV Volume So Low?


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Toshiba makes great TV’s for your entertainment. However, you might be running into the issue of the volume seeming too low for your expectations. There can be a few things that may be causing this problem.

There are a few reasons why your Toshiba TV’s volume may be low:

  • The volume setting may need to be turned up. 
  • Adjustments to the sound settings may have changed the volume.
  • Your input devices may need to be ruled out as a possible problem.

Some of these troubleshooting techniques are basic and some will require a more in depth look to discover what is causing your low volume on the TV. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the things you can try to fix your volume situation.

Change the Volume on the TV

This is the most basic way that you can try adjusting the volume. Whether it be from your remote or from the actual TV, increasing the volume by pressing up (+) may fix your problem. Most likely, you have already tried this and you didn’t have much luck in the volume increasing to your liking.

What you can do if you are comfortable with it is find the reset option in your TV’s settings and see if resetting the TV also resets the volume. This is worth a try if your Toshiba TV used to have proper volume at one point in time and now it has changed to a lower level for some reason.

Check Your Input Options

Nowadays, there are many options for input to your TV. Ranging from cable input to blu-ray devices, VCR’s, and streaming devices like Amazon’s Fire Stick, this leaves you with several options as to where your video and sound are coming from.

To rule out this being an input issue, or to possibly isolate the problem, select each input individually and play some form of media to test it out.

If you are having a volume problem with only certain devices, the problem is usually said to come from the device itself and not the TV. If all these devices have the same volume issue you have been having, the problem could very well be your TV.

Check Your Sound Settings

Toshiba TV’s come with many different options when it comes to how you want your sound to be output. This is to satisfy your needs based on what type of media you will be playing on your TV.

Options for the TV’s sound can range from “Music” to “Movie” and others that match what you are watching.

Just because you are watching a certain type of media doesn’t mean that selecting the sound setting that matches the media will work best. Try out different sound options to see if any of them increase your volume.

Also on Toshiba TV’s there are options in the settings for the graphic equalizer and bass options, along with surround sound, depending on the model of your TV. Experimenting with these options may lead you to finding the proper adjustment needed to increase the volume to the level you have been looking for.

Check Your Cables

All input devices have different cables such as AV and HDMI. Your cable line even has its own unique hookup. Upgrading to an HDMI cable from a standard AV cable may provide you the quality volume that you expect from your device.

Check your hookups and unplug then plug them back in to make sure none of them are loose and to ensure you have a good connection. Replacement cables may be needed to fix your problem with certain input devices. If you’ve isolated the problem to an input device then replacing the wiring is an option.

If you are only having problems with your cable or satellite hookup then you will need to contact your provider and have them look into the issue and a service call may be needed to fix the problem.

Using a Converter for External Speakers

There has been a known issue with Toshiba TV’s that use the optical output for external speakers. Two separate outputs, digital and analog, clash with each other resulting in low or no volume at all.

For the external speakers, a digital converter that changes the digital signal to an analog signal was needed in order to not confuse the audio controller of the TV.

If you are having an issue with your external speakers, this is a possible fix and is not very costly to the pocketbook.


Having low volume on your Toshiba TV can be frustrating to say the least. Going over these different options will hopefully lead you to the source of the problem, or a fix to this annoying technical issue.

If all else fails, calling Toshiba with your issue might be needed, as they sometimes have the most current solutions to known problems with their TV’s.

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