Who Is The Manufacturer Of Toshiba TVs?


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Toshiba is one of the most trusted brands in the TV manufacturing business, with many loyal customers that have purchased their products for years. But did you know that Toshiba no longer manufactures their own TVs and hasn’t since 2015, and that knowing who makes your TV is a crucial bit of information? We really need to find out which company is currently the manufacturer of Toshiba TVs!

Toshiba stopped manufacturing TVs in 2015 and sold the rights to make them to other companies in 2015 and 2017. Now, Hisense holds the production rights to manufacture TVs under the Toshiba brand. While they are the officially licensed manufacturer, they have only made Toshiba models since 2018.

Hisense is an established electronics manufacturer and the current maker of Toshiba TVs. But who made them before Hisense took over, how can we find out who made the TV in our living rooms, and just how important is it to know who makes your TV? Time to really get into this to find out! 

Who Made Toshiba TVs Before Hisense? 

If you bought your Toshiba TV before 2018 when Hisense began manufacturing them, another company named Compal might have made your model. 

In July of 2015, Toshiba stopped manufacturing TVs, and Compal bought the rights to manufacture them. TVs made before were manufactured by Toshiba. Toshiba models sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico were manufactured by Toshiba until 2015, Compal between 2016-2017, and by Hisense from 2018 to the present.

Hisense purchased the production, sales, and research and development rights for Toshiba TVs on November 14, 2017. All Toshiba TV models made on or after the year 2018 were manufactured by Hisense. Hisense retains the right to manufacture TVs under the Toshiba brand name for 40 years. They also have their own line of affordable TVs.

About Toshiba Europe TVs 

Between 2015-2021, Toshiba TVs were also manufactured in an outsourcing scheme under a licensing agreement under the subsidiary company named Vestal. While production rights are licensed for over twenty different countries, these TVs were exclusively sold in Europe.

As multiple models could have been made at any manufacturing location, the specific model and serial number are needed to determine exactly where a specific TV was made for TVs sold in the UK and in Europe.

Finding Out Which Company Made Your TV

Finding out who made your Toshiba TV can be done in a few uncomplicated ways. The simplest way is to check the label on the back of your TV and find the manufacturing date. By referencing this date with the information in the previous section, you can find out which company made your TV.

 If the label is worn out or damaged, you can also use the model and serial numbers to find the date the TV was made with an internet search. These numbers can be found in the Quick Start Guide, User Manual, or the original remote for your TV.

Not All Toshiba TVs Are Equal

Consumer Reports has stated that it is important to investigate the company that is licensed to manufacture TV brands that no longer do so rather than simply trusting the brand’s reputation—knowing who currently makes your TV matters for many reasons that you might not consider.

The factors to consider when purchasing a TV from a licensed manufacturer rather than a brand manufacturer include:

  • Warranties And Guarantees: The brand you purchase may include different guarantees or warranty periods than the licensed manufacturer, usually for shorter periods
  • Repairs Or Replacements: If your TV is damaged or requires repairs, the licensed manufacturer may not honor agreements offered by the brand, particularly if those repairs or replacements involve shipping overseas.
  • Product Quality: In some cases, TVs made by a licensed manufacturer instead of the original company are of lesser quality. Additionally, there is a higher risk of receiving a TV with lower quality components.

While these factors are important considerations, Toshiba TVs made by Hisense and Compal are still considered well-made and reasonably priced by most consumers regardless of who made them.


When a trusted and established brand like Toshiba sells the right to make its own products to other companies, it can cause a bit of confusion. And Toshiba sold the production rights for their TVs twice! Knowing who makes your electronics is important for many reasons, so we had to find the underlying cause of all this.

In this article, we have the answer to our initial question of who the manufacturer of Toshiba TVs is now, as well as who had the production rights before Hisense. We even provided some tips for how to find out which company made your Toshiba TV so that you can be the savvy consumer we know you are!

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