What Size Screws Do I Need for an Insignia TV Wall Mount?


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It’s relatively simple to mount an Insignia TV to the wall — as long as you have the right materials. To ensure a secure hold to the wall, you’ll need the correct VESA mount and the right size screws.

Finding the correct screws for your Insignia TV can be tough. Here’s everything you need to know.

Screw Sizes for Insignia TV Wall Mounts

It’s essential to use the right size screw when mounting your Insignia TV to avoid damaging your television or wall.  

Depending on the TV’s size and model, Insignia recommends using M4, M6, or M8 screws

Insignia TVRecommended Screw SizeVESA PatternBest Wall Mount
24-32”M4100×100WALI TV Wall Mount
40-55”M6200×200Pipishell Full Motion TV Mount
55”M6300×200VideoSecu Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount
65”M8400×300XINLEI Full Motion TV Wall Mount
70”M8300×300MountUp Full Motion TV Wall Mount
75M8600×400USX Mount Full Motion TV Mount

How to Find Your Insignia TV’s VESA Pattern

You can usually find your VESA pattern in your user manual or your TV’s online product listing. If you can’t find it in either of these places, you can measure it manually. 

  1. Measure the distance between the top two mounting holes. Write this number down.
  2. Measure the distance between the left or right-side mounting holes (one top and one bottom). Write this number down.
  3. Convert the measurements to millimeters to find your VESA pattern.

The video below is with an LG TV, but the measuring information is universal.

What Screw Length Do I Need to Mount an Insignia TV?

Regardless of manufacturer, most TVs can be mounted with screws ranging from 8mm-15mm. It just depends on the thread depth. 

The exact length you’ll need depends on your Insignia TV model and size. If you’re unsure which length you need, purchase a universal Insignia mounting screws kit.

Never try too hard to make a screw fit. The correct screw will turn in easily and fit flush against the mount.

What to Know Before Mounting an Insignia TV to the Wall

To mount your Insignia TV to the wall, you’ll need:

  • Your Insignia TV
  • A VESA wall mount
  • The correct screws

Insignia also recommends mounting your TV with lag bolts, which help attach the mount to the wall. These screws drill into your wall studs, keeping the TV sturdy. 

Usually, the wall mounting kit will include everything you need to mount your TV, including the lag bolts. But if you need to purchase them separately, most use 5/16” × 2 ¾” lag bolts.

If you’re mounting the TV yourself, pay close attention to the instructions that came with your mounting kit so you know where each screw goes. 

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