What Size Screws Do I Need for an Insignia TV Wall Mount?


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Mounting your TV to the wall is a great way to utilize space and ensure that your television is stable. This job is relatively simple and easy if you have the right materials. You’ll need an Insignia TV, a compatible wall mount, and sturdy screws that fit both, but wait— how do you know what size screws you need?

It can be difficult to find a clear answer to that question if you aren’t sure where to look but don’t worry. This article compiles all the information you need to find the right size screw for your Insignia TV wall mount.

Screw Sizes for Insignia TV Wall Mounts

It’s essential to use the right size screw when mounting your Insignia TV to make sure the TV and mount are secure and to avoid damaging your television or wall.  Insignia TV wall mounts use size M4, M5, M6, or M8 screws of various lengths depending on the TV’s size and model. Here’s a chart of the most common Insignia TVs and the screw sizes for the wall mounts.

Insignia TVWall Mount Screw Size
Class F30 Series M6; recommended a 200 x 200 VESA mount system
Class F20 SeriesM4; recommended 200 x 100 or 100 x 100 VESA mount system
Class F50 SeriesM6 to M8, depending on the screen size; recommended a 200 x 200 VESA mount system

Insignia TV wall mounts also require lag bolts to attach the mount itself to the wall. These screws will drill into your wall studs, so they must be very sturdy. Most Insignia TV mounts use 5/16 in. × 2 3/4 in. lag bolts, but you should check your mount’s manual to be certain that it is the correct size for your model. Note that these are measured in inches, not millimeters! 

When you’re mounting your Insignia TV, the VESA system is most recommended. Make sure you also know the length and width of your TV before mounting as well.

Finding the Screw Size for Your Insignia TV Model and Mount

The easiest way to learn exactly what screw size you need for your model is to check the manual for your Insignia TV or its compatible wall mount. TV wall mounts usually come with all of the necessary hardware; however, if you need to purchase them separately, start with the manual. 

Don’t lose hope if you don’t have the manual for your TV or wall mount! You can still find the information you need by locating the manual online with these steps: 

  1. Find the model number for your wall mount (usually printed on a label on the mount).
  2. Type “Insignia TV wall mount manual” followed by the model number into your search engine.
  3. Locate a PDF of your TV mount’s manual.
  4. Find the list of “package contents,” including all the necessary screws for mounting. 

Pay attention to the diagrams in the manual so that you know where each screw goes in your TV and wall mount. If you’re unsure if your mount is compatible with your TV, you can follow the same steps with your TV’s model number to find your television’s manual and confirm they will work together.

If you still aren’t sure which screws you need, you can always use the process of trial and elimination. Insignia used to sell a TV wall mount hardware kit that included screws for every TV and wall mount they sell. This kit has since been discontinued, but you can find similar kits on Amazon such as the kits from TV Bolts Store and Perlesmith.

The Amazon kits contain all the screws, bolts, and washers necessary to mount an Insignia TV. Once you’ve got the kit, you can carefully try different screws to see what fits with your TV and wall mount. Be cautious not to try too hard to make a screw fit; the correct screw will turn in easily while attempting to use a screw that is too large can strip the hole and make your mount unusable.

Using the Correct Size Screw is Essential

When using an Insignia TV wall mount to hang a TV, it’s important the use the correct size screws. The manual is the best place to find what size you need, and once you know the measurements your mount requires, purchasing the correct screws is a breeze. 

If you’re still uncertain about which screws to use, you may be able to find the help you need by requesting a mounting service from where you bought your TV from. Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers free standard installation, but a hefty fee for mounting. The Totaltech package also comes with a plethora of other things.

If you purchased your Insignia TV from Amazon, you also have the option to have expert wall mounting for a significantly lower fee than Best Buy, depending on your TV’s size. Some mounting kits purchased through Amazon also offer this feature.

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