What Size Screws Do I Need for an Insignia TV Stand?

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Naturally, after buying a TV, you need to mount it in the position that gives you the best experience. Mounting your TV to the wall is the best way to get a clear, unobstructed view of your television, but it also helps you save on space. It is quite easy to mount your television, but you need to know what wall mounts and screws are compatible with your Insignia TV. However, the tricky part might be learning the size of screws you need, especially for different TV sizes.

Insignia TV usually uses size M4, M5, M6, or M8 screws for the wall mounts. These screws are of different lengths, all determined by the size of the television and model. For the Class F30 series, the M6 screw is best suited. The class F20 series requires the M4, and the class F50 series needs the M6 to M8 screws for a wall mount.

Despite appearing to be straightforward, it can be challenging to get the correct answer to this question, especially without factoring in all relevant information. But, if you’re unsure what to look for, this article provides an in-depth compilation of the correct screw sizes for your Insignia TV wall mount.

What Type Screws Does Insignia TV Use?

Mounting your TV to the wall is a safer and recommended way to use it since it ensures that the TV set is stable. Getting the right materials for this job is crucial, and that is why you need screws that will hold both the Insignia TV and wall mount in place.

For one, you cannot use just any type of screw. You must ensure that the screws are compatible with your Insignia TV. That means you need first to know what kind of Insignia TV you have, including its size.

The second hurdle you’ll jump through is where to find the right screws. However, once you know the type of screws you need and their sizes, it becomes easier to find them. As mentioned above, the Insignia TV uses M4, M5, M6, or M8 screws. But, read on to find out where each of these fits.

Selecting Screws Sizes for Insignia TV Stand

To avoid damage to your wall and TV, you must find the best materials to use with your wall mount. Commonly, Insignia TV stands use various lengths of the aforementioned screw types.

Even with the correct screw sizes, it is essential to have all the right materials, including the mounting system. Class F30 series of the Insignia TV uses the M6 with a recommended 200×200 VESA mount system. The Class F20 series can use the 200×100 or 100×100 VESA mount system with the M4 screws. Class F50 series requires a 200×200 VESA mount system and can use M6 to M8 screws depending on the screen size.

In addition to getting screws, the Insignia wall mounts also require lag bolts, usually 5/16 inches x 2 ¾ inches, to secure the wall stand. It is essential to get sturdy screws since they need to drill into the wall studs. To be sure of the exact sizes, ensure to check the manual on the mounting system since they vary from model to model.

For the Insignia TV stand, the VESA system is recommended as it works best when you know the size of your TV and has suitable screws and other materials.

How To Know The Screws To Use For My Insignia TV

The easiest way to find out the exact type and size of screws to use for your Insignia TV mount is to know the model. Usually, the manual of your Insignia TV indicates the wall-mount models it is compatible with. The TV wall mounts you purchase will ideally come with all the hardware you need to mount the TV.

However, if you purchase these things separately, you need to start from the manual and work towards finding the necessary hardware. For those who don’t have the manual for their Insignia TV, you can find it online in simple steps.

Step 1: Find your TV mount’s model number.

You need to find the model number of your wall mount. You will likely find this at the back of the mount.

Step 2: Find the manual online.

You can look up the Insignia TV wall mount manual online. Ensure to include the model number to get the correct results. You will find a Pdf of the TV mount’s manual.

Step 3: Find package contents.

The package contents contain the complete list of things you need to correctly mount your Insignia TV, including the necessary screws.

It is crucial that you pay attention to the diagrams and instructions listed in the manual to ensure that you know what components and screws go where.


It is essential that you use the correct size screws to mount your Insignia TV. The best place to find this information is the manual and also understand the screw sizes and where they fit, as detailed in this article.

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