Can I Change The Screensaver On My Hisense TV?


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Modern technology affords us many conveniences. Not only does it allow us to access tv and the internet, but it allows us to personalize our devices. One fun way to do that is to change the screensaver on your TV. Many TVs allow the user to customize the screensaver to add personality to their home, but can you change the screensaver on a Hisense TV?

Yes, you can change your screensaver on your Hisense TV. You can also change the lock screen on your Hisense TV. This is done by downloading screen saver applications and toggling them on in the Hisense TV settings.

Now that you know you can customize both your screensaver and your lock screen on the Hisense TV, read on to learn the easiest way to do it.

Hisense TV Screensaver

Whether your TV is mounted or on a TV stand, TV screensavers are a great way to make your room feel welcoming by keeping a picture or a looped video on the screen when you’re not watching TV. Setting this up on a Hisense TV is super easy.

You can use the Android TV functionality that comes with the Hisense TV to change the screensaver on your Hisense TV. This allows the user to download and install an app through the app store and then allow the screen saver setting to use the app to change the screen

If you’re mounting your Hisense TV so you can have a nice screensaver on your wall, make sure you know how much the TV weighs and if the wall can support the weight.

Follow this guide to change your screen saver to get a personalized look.

How To Choose A New Screensaver

Choosing the right screensaver is all about preference and taste. Luckily, there are quite a few options to choose from on the app store. Follow these steps to browse and make a selection:

  • Turn on your Hisense TV
  • Ensure it is connected to WiFi
  • Navigate to the search function (similar to the Google Play Store/App Store)
  • Type in the words ‘ screen saver’ 
  • Select a screen saver app that you like
  • Alternatively, type in the word ‘daydream’ (old name for screen saver)
  • Select one of these that you like
  • Install your favorite selection

Change The Screensaver In Your Settings

Now that you have installed your favorite look, it is time to apply the look to the TV in your settings. Follow these few simple steps to change your TVs screensaver successfully:

  1. Open the settings menu; it should be at the top right and look like a gear.
  2. Pick ‘Device preferences.’
  3. Next, select ‘Screen saver.’
  4. A new menu will pop up; select ‘Screen saver’ again.
  5. Find the screensaver app you installed and select it.
  6. Depending on the app you choose, you will then need to go through a setup process. If you picked one from the Google Play store, the setup window would likely open on its own so you can start right away.
  7. If the menu does not pop up, hit the back button on your remote and then navigate to the screensaver app and open it to work through the setup prompts.

Fine Tune Your Screensaver

The screensaver options on your Hisense TV allow you to adjust different settings to control your screensaver better and how it reacts. Below you can find options that you can adjust within the Screen saver menu.

When to StartThis allows you to adjust how long the TV screen can idle before the screen saver starts.
Put Device to SleepThis allows you to adjust how long the TV screen can be idle before going into sleep mode.
Start NowThis option allows you to preview your screen saver or start it the instant you select this option.
Sleep NowThis option puts the TV to sleep as soon as you select it.
Stay Awake On MusicThis option allows you to play music and prevents the TV from going to sleep whenever a music app is playing.

Since you know how to add a screensaver to your Hisense TV, now it is time to decide which apps are the best to pick a screensaver from. There are many options on the Google Play store to choose from. Here we break down some of the most highly rated options for your convenience. 


Backdrops has hundreds of different wallpapers available on their free app. You can select more than one you like and compile them into a mini-set. After doing this, you can set a timer to regularly run through the ones you selected to change up the look.

Premium Wallpapers HD

This free app has HD wallpapers that a user can choose from. You can sort by category, including live wallpapers. Some of the options are even customizable.

Backgrounds HD

This is another free app option. They have simple UI formats and smooth performance. They update the content they provide daily.

Rain Live Wallpaper

As the name mentions, this wallpaper app simulates a rainshower and raindrops. It has 3D animations that can be toggled on and off as well.

Your TV, Your Experience

Selecting the right screensaver for your tv is a personal journey. It may be customized based on the holiday, hobby, or precious moment that speaks to you. Either way, Hisense TV has the option to customize your screen to bring your TV watching experience full circle.

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