VTech Baby Monitor Night Vision Not Working? 4 Fixes to Try!

Mama and baby on a dark backgroundMama and baby on a dark background

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Monitoring your baby at night is a great way to keep them safe. However, sometimes night vision stops working on your VTech baby monitor.

If night vision stops working on your VTech baby monitor, you should check the battery, power cables, and wipe off your camera lens. If these methods don’t work, you should contact customer support.

Please continue reading to learn why your VTech baby monitor night vision isn’t working. Our tips can fix the problem so you can keep an eye on your baby overnight.

Check Your VTech Baby Monitor’s Battery

The most likely reason you are VTech baby monitor’s night vision isn’t working is that you don’t have enough battery life to support the setting.

Night vision consumes more battery life than regular video recordings, so even if it was working during the day, it might need more battery life to operate in the dark.

It would be best to charge your VTech baby monitor whenever possible so that you have constant surveillance of your baby’s room.

You don’t want to worry about resolving these problems overnight.

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll have enough battery life to use night vision, consider leaving the VTech baby monitor plugged in when it’s dark.

Check Your Vtech Baby Monitor Power Cables

Even if you’re using a wall outlet to operate your VTech baby monitor, there might be a power supply issue.

For example, your cord might be loose or malfunctioning your wall outlet.

  1. See if the cord is plugged into the outlet all the way.
  2. Check the power cord for any damage.
  3. Plug other devices into the outlet to ensure it works.

If you have checked all three of these issues and they’re the culprit, then the power supply might not be why your night vision isn’t working.

The VTech baby monitor’s night vision doesn’t work because of battery life and loose power cables. However, there may also be technical problems and obstacles in front of the camera lens.

Fortunately, fixing the night vision on your VTech baby monitor won’t take long once you identify the source of the problem.

Resolutions typically only take a few minutes.

Wipe Off Your Vtech Baby Monitor’s Camera Lens

If your camera lens is foggy, it will be difficult for your VTech baby monitor’s night vision to work.

A clear camera lens is the best way to resolve this problem.

However, before you clean your camera lens, you need to learn how to not worsen the problem.

Follow the steps below to clean your VTech baby monitors camera lens safely.

  1. Use a can of pressurized air to get through the cracks of the VTech baby monitor lens.
  2. Dampen a microfiber cloth with a lens cleaning solution.
  3. Gently rub the cloth in circles on the lens.
  4. Use a dry part of the microfiber cloth to remove excess fluid.

When you wipe down your camera lens, you need to be careful. If you’re too rough while wiping, it can scratch up your lens and cause permanent damage.

Avoid using soap and water to clean off your camera lens because this can cause additional streaking. Only use cleaning solutions that specify they’re safe for camera lenses.

See if there are any Obstacles in Front of the Baby Monitor

It’s common for people to accidentally misplace a piece of furniture or another obstacle in front of their baby monitor.

Your night vision may work fine, but an outside force might block the camera.

Remove obstacles obstructing your camera’s view if you notice your night vision is completely dark.

Check Your Night Vision Settings

If you accidentally switch off your night vision settings throughout the day, they won’t automatically turn back on.

Check your VTech baby monitor settings to ensure that night vision stays on so that you have constant surveillance of your baby.

  1. Press the menu button on your parent unit.
  2. Press one of the arrow buttons to enter the settings menu, then press “select.”
  3. Press the up or down arrow and select camera settings.
  4. Press the up or down arrow to switch on your night vision and press select.

If this works, you’ll see your baby monitor screen in black and white using the VTech baby monitor infrared lights.

Final Thoughts

If none of our fixes work for you, then it would be best to contact VTech customer service for further assistance.

Attempting all these fixes will only consume a few minutes of your time.

The most common reason the Vtech baby monitor’s night vision stops working is the lack of power supply.

Ensure that no objects obstruct your camera’s view before contacting customer support, as it is common to accidentally set something in front of your lens without thinking.

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