Sharp TV Won’t Connect to wifi? Easy Fix!

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Your Sharp TV allows you to have countless entertainment apps at your fingertips through its ability to connect to the internet. Sometimes, though, this connection may fail and can leave you wondering how to get your Sharp TV connected to your wifi network once more.

You can solve Wifi connection issues with a Sharp TV by moving the television closer to the router, restarting both the router and TV and following the joining instructions carefully. This will confirm that both the router and television are functioning properly.

It can be incredibly frustrating when technology does not work, but fortunately, your wifi connection with your Sharp TV is often easily fixable. Keep reading to learn more about the steps you can take to get your television reconnected to your internet network in no time.

Connecting a Sharp TV to wifi

It happens to everyone at some point—your device will not connect to the internet, leaving you frustrated and fearful that there is a larger problem underfoot. 

Fortunately, your Sharp TV probably needs a little bit of troubleshooting to fix the issue easily. Whether you are reconnecting to wifi or just connecting the TV for the first time, this step-by-step guide will help you get back on your favorite apps.

Restart Both Television and Router

Sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as hitting the power button. If you have initial struggles with wifi connection, this should be your first step.

Since you have two devices you are working with, you should be sure to turn them both off and back on again to see if this will help. 

If you notice that your router has a flashing red light or is not illuminated, the problem may be with your router instead of your Sharp TV.

Follow Connection Instructions Carefully

Once your Sharp TV has been restarted, you can try to join the wifi network once more. 

Follow these steps to join the wifi network:

  • Access the internet setup menu: This can typically be done by hitting the menu button on your remote and then navigating down to the initial setup menu, which will give you access to internet setup preferences.
  • Click on wireless setup: First, select network setup. This will then give you the option to access the wireless setup.
  •  Check your wireless connection: You will see your current network preferences and the network connection status under wireless setup.
  • Scan for networks: Rescan for networks by following the prompts to select a connection method and scan for networks. Your TV will then show all available and in-range wireless networks.
  • Select your wireless network: Find the network you want and then press enter. You will have to enter the password for your wifi network. At this time, make sure that you are carefully and correctly typing your wifi password on the remote.
  • Press enter: Once you hit enter, your Sharp TV should connect to the wifi network.

If you find that you are still unable to connect, you can take a few extra measures to reestablish the wifi Connection.

Move The Sharp TV Closer to Your Router

Especially if you live in a large or multi level house, internet connectivity may not be equal across the entirety of the space. The root cause of your wifi connection problem could be as simple as that your router is too far away from your Sharp TV.

You may first wish to try moving your TV closer to see if this is the case. Find an outlet closer to your router, and plug the television in at this location before following the above connection steps once more.

If you find that distance is the issue, you may wish to move your router closer to your TV-watching area, as this will help ensure that you have a reliable wifi connection.

Do a Hard Reset

If you still face connectivity problems, you may need to do a hard reset of your Sharp TV. Usually, you can do this by turning the TV off, unplugging it, and then holding down the manual buttons on the monitor for input and channel. Depending on your TV model, the instructions may differ, so it is essential to read what you need to do for your TV before trying this.

This will reset the TV to perfect condition, although it may erase any customized preferences you have set up for your apps.


Wifi has given the world many gifts but can also cause immense frustration when connection problems occur. Fortunately, if your Sharp TV is not connecting to wifi, there is usually an easy fix. 

By following a few simple steps of turning off your devices, reconnecting carefully, moving your TV, and performing a hard reset if necessary, you should be back to watching your favorite shows in no time at all.

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