Where Are Sharp TVs Made?


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Sharp TVs are state of the art TVs that are a major seller in the TV and SMART technology industry. But the question remains, where are Sharp TVs made?

Sharp TVs are made and manufactured in China starting in 2015. Since then, all Sharp TVs have been made in China. However, some Sharp TVs are made in Japan for the Japanese market. Before 2015, Sharp TVs were made in Mexico for North America and Poland for Europe.

In this post, we will cover where Sharp TVs have been made. Keep reading for a bit of history on why Sharp TVs are made around the world.

Where are Sharp TVs Made?

Sharp TVs are made all around the world. When the Sharp Corporation was actively producing TVs, they were produced in different regions based on where they were being sold. You could find a Sharp TV manufactured by a Polish factory in Europe, and you could find a TV manufactured in Mexico being sold in the United States. 

For instance, TVs that were on the market in Europe were made in a different factory than TVs made for sale in the United States.

The following is a list of different places Sharp TVs have been manufactured:

–   Japan

–   Mexico

–   China

–   Poland

–   Belarus

It is important to note that Sharp TVs are not made anymore. These TVs have not been manufactured since Hisense stopped manufacturing them in 2019. You can still get product support for your Sharp TVs; however, no new Sharp TVs are being sold. 

Are Sharp TVs Made in the United States?

Sharp TVs are not made in the United States. The Sharp TVs manufactured for the North American market were mainly made in Mexico.

To date, Sharp has not manufactured TVs in the United States. And TVs in the United States could come from any region, especially depending on supply and demand.

How Can I Find Out Where My Sharp TV Was Made?

If you were purchasing a Sharp TV, you could find where the TV was made by looking at the sticker on the back.

All of the stickers provide the basic stats for the TVs, and then they list where the TV was made and in what country. If you purchased a TV in the United States, then your Sharp TV was likely manufactured in Mexico, but it can depend on supply at the time of purchase.

Is Sharp a Good TV Brand?

Sharp TVs are a great brand of TV. Nowadays, they even have high-quality 4K TVs designed for streaming and high-quality image output.

There was some debate over the quality of the Sharp TVs that Hisense was producing for the Sharp company from 2015 to 2019.

Where Were Sharp TVs Originally Made?

Sharp TVs have been made and sold all over the world. The majority of these Sharp TVs have been manufactured by a company called Hisense since 2015. Hisense is a company based in China, and this is where the Sharp TVs are made today.

Sharp TVs, however, have not always been made in China. Before the company was acquired by Hisense in 2015, Sharp TVs were made in a couple of different places.

For Sharp TVs being sold in Europe, Sharp TVs were manufactured in Poland most of the time and Belarus. For Sharp TVs being sold in Japan, Sharp TVs were manufactured in Japan generally. And for Sharp TVs being sold in China, they were also made in China.

Now for the United States and North America, Sharp TVs were being produced mainly by Mexico, with some of the production coming from Japan and China.

What Is Happening With Sharp TVs Now?

Nowadays, you will rarely find a new Sharp TV for sale, as Hisense ceased production in 2019 when their contract was up. Sharp was unable to recover from its financial downturn and has yet to resume production of Sharp TVs.

You can find lots of used Sharp TVs. But you will likely not find any more brand-new Sharp TVs on store shelves. And while you can find product support on Sharp’s website, you can not find any links to buy new products. You can, however, use the Sharp App on your smartphone to control your Sharp TV.

How Did Sharp TVs Start?

Sharp TVs are part of the larger Sharp Corporation that produces quite a few different technologies. Sharp TVs are a product of the Sharp Corporation, which was based in Japan. TVs started to be available in 2001. And they even transitioned to making 4K and FHD TVs to keep up with the market.

In Summary: Sharp TVs Are Made In China

To generalize, Sharp TVs are made in China by a company called Hisense. Hisense is thought to have been producing lower quality products under the Sharp name, and so production by Hisense stopped in 2019. Since 2019, nothing has been stated from Sharp on finding a new production route. 

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