How Can I Control My Sharp TV With My iPhone?


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One of the many benefits of a Sharp TV is its ability to be controlled by using your smartphone. This saves you the hassle of constantly searching for the remote, and can be easily accomplished in just a few short steps.

There are a few different options to control a Sharp TV with an iPhone. The easiest is to install the Sharp TV app for an iPhone and follow the setup instructions. Additionally, several other apps and devices can facilitate a connection between your Sharp TV and your phone. 

Setting up your iPhone as a Sharp TV remote may seem complicated, but it can be easily accomplished in just a few simple steps regardless of what device you choose. Keep reading to learn more about the different options you can use to control your Sharp TV with an iPhone.

Controlling Your Sharp TV With an iPhone

iPhones are an incredibly popular smartphone, and their many features often mean that they can be used for diverse and practical functions. Setting up your iPhone to control your Sharp TV can be as simple as following just a few easy steps.

Downloading the Sharp TV App

Perhaps the most straightforward option for setting your iPhone up as a Sharp TV controller is by downloading the Sharp TV app, called “Smart Sharp Remote.” 

This app is specifically designed to connect the two devices, and you will only need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the app: The “Smart Sharp Remote” app can be downloaded for free on the App Store.
  • Change your TV settings: Double-check that the Virtual Remote setting is enabled on your TV by looking at the settings menu.
  • Launch the app: The app will automatically begin searching for Sharp TVs. At this time, make sure your TV is turned on and in range.
  • Select your TV: Choose your TV from the offered list of devices on the app. Once you have done this, a control screen should then be displayed which will allow you to control your TV through the app.

The simplicity of the Sharp TV app means that you will soon be controlling your TV with your phone in no time at all. 

Other Remote Control Apps

If you prefer to use a different type of app to control your Sharp TV, there are plenty of others on the market. 

These apps should all work with your Sharp TV, though you may still wish to do a compatibility check to ensure ease of use:

  • Logitech Harmony Hub
  • RoByte
  • Unified Remote
  • Sure Universal Remote

All of these options are universal remotes that are compatible with iOS software. However, some of these are paid apps, which means that you will have to be willing to spend money to access their features. Additionally, if you do choose to download an alternative app, make sure that it does not require the installation of any additional devices or software on your phone.

Get an Infrared Blaster

A final option is to purchase an infrared blaster that can be adapted for your phone. These devices will allow you to seamlessly control not only your Sharp TV but any other remote control-operated device. iPhones are not specifically built with an infrared blaster, so you will need to purchase one.

To make this work with your iPhone, you may need to purchase a separate converter or dongle to attach the connector. An infrared blaster is a good option for those looking to have the greatest level of control over a number of devices. This will also work without an internet connection and is highly reliable. 

However, the purchase of various types of equipment makes it the most expensive option for controlling your Sharp TV.


With the new popularity of smartphones as remote controls, the old days of searching endlessly for lost remote controls or changing out dead batteries may now be behind us. Sharp TVs are a popular example of a device that can be controlled using just your iPhone.

Controlling your Sharp TV with your iPhone will require the installation of an app or an infrared blaster. Sharp TV does have an app that is specifically made for connecting iPhones to their televisions. This app is typically free and is easy to install, connect, and use. Additionally, several other universal remote control options will similarly connect your iPhone to your Sharp TV.

Choosing the best app for you will require you to read customer reviews and experiment with some different options. Fortunately, Sharp TVs are very versatile, so you can try out many different apps and even an infrared blaster with ease. Once you find the remote control app or device of your choice, you will be controlling your Sharp TV with efficiency in no time at all.

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