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Roomba i7 Won’t Empty Bin – Troubleshooting

Last Updated Mar 29, 2022
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The self-emptying feature of the Roomba i7s bin is convenient and a beneficial perk of owning this bot compared to others. While the debris picked up should be automatically disposed of into the home base by the robot it can sometimes stop. When troubleshooting there are several things to look at that may help.

When a Roomba i7 won’t empty its bin, manually emptying the bin and rebooting the device by holding the CLEAN button should solve the issue. If the issue persists then other actions may need to be taken.

Roombas are useful in keeping areas clean and the i7s self-emptying feature helps self maintain the robot. There can be multiple reasons the Roomba i7 fails to empty its bin and it can usually be solved with no maintenance required. Keep reading to find out.

Roomba i7 Won’t Empty Bin – Troubleshooting

If the Roomba i7 is not self-emptying then troubleshooting is needed to help identify and solve the problem. 

Easy things that you can do that may solve this issue include:

  • Manually clearing the Roomba
  • Clearing a clog in the device
  • Performing a reboot
  • Ensuring the lid and bag fit properly
  • Cleaning the charging contacts and sensors

It is best to make sure the device is set up correctly and look over for anything broken. It may be best to call support if the problem continues for a potential repair or solution.

Manually Emptying the Roomba

Triggering the Roomba to manually enter debris into the base can reset the device and get it to start emptying again:

  1. Pressing the HOME button when the Roomba is at the base will empty the bin
  2. Pressing “Empty Bin” in the IRobot home app. It will appear under the CLEAN button when the robot is at home base
  3. Taking the robot 8 feet or more from the base then pressing home will reset it and may fix the issue.

If this does not work then resetting the device is the next step. Pressing and releasing the clean button for 20 seconds will cause a hard reboot, a white ring will swirl counterclockwise on the device. If the Roomba continues to empty its bin performing maintenance on the base, Roomba may help.

Performing Roomba Maintenance

Roomba next to power strip

Here are things that may help solve the issue of the Roomba not emptying its bin:

  • Empty and check bag: If the red light on the front of the base is on then the bag needs to be checked.
  • Clean sensors and charging contacts: Dust on the sensors or charging contacts can make it hard for the base to connect to the Roomba.
  • Clear any clogs in the device: A clog in the base could be why your Roomba won’t empty the bin. The light on the front of the base will flash red if it senses a clog.

Now, let’s look at emptying and checking the bag.

Emptying and Checking the Bag

If the bag or lid of the Roomba is not on properly then it may be the reason why it is not emptying in the bin. A red light on the front of the base is an indicator of something wrong.

Looking in the bin and taking off the top will help you know if the bag needs to be replaced. Reinstalling the bag and lid properly will fix any issues if it is with the bag.

Cleaning Sensors and Charging Contacts

Cleaning the charging contacts on the robot and base will help it connect if that is the issue. A rag can be used to whip the contacts and the sensors can be cleaned by using a can of air to spray them clean. Rebooting the device after cleaning the shelf helps reconnect and empty the bin.

Clearing Clogs In the Device

If there is a clog in the cleaning base the Roomba may not be able to empty its bin. The LED on the front of the base will flash red indicating a clog. 

Here is how to unclog your Roomba:

  1. Unplug station from wall
  2. Remove robot
  3. Put the base on its back and find clog
  4. Remove clog by taking off the tubing and getting the clog
  5. Set up the charging station and Roomba

If the clog is removed it the Roomba should be able to empty its bin and the red led will stop flashing. 

When To Get Your Roomba Repaired?

If your Roomba persists to have issues then contacting an expert about the vacuum may be your next best step.

If your Roomba will not empty its bin and you have tried things stated above there may be a deeper problem that needs to be solved.Getting a repair or possible replacement for the vacuum may be cheaper than buying a new one. 


So, as we learned, there could be numerous reasons as to why your Roomba i7 vacuum won’t empty its bin after cleaning. Hopefully one of these reasons listed in this article helps.

If you’d like to learn more about Roomba, see this article.

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