What To Do If The Roomba i7, i3, or 960 Is Missing Rooms/Spots?

A roomba i7 vacuum on carpetA roomba i7 vacuum on carpet

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The greatest feature of the newest Roomba robot vacuums is arguably its ability to clean your entire house without you lifting a finger. As we will learn, each of the models, the i7, i3, or the 960, all comes with a variety of different specs, but one thing they all promise is that they will navigate and clean your floors, but what is they are missing spots or even whole rooms?

If your Roomba i7, i3, or 960 is missing rooms or spots, there are a few ways to solve the problem. 

  • Because these three models should have already mapped every room in your house, you can see the maps on your iRobot app and you can specifically click entire rooms they’re missing to ensure a full clean. 
  • If it’s missing specific spots on the floor, you may need to clean the sensors, turn up the lights, and remove any major obstacles. 

Sometimes working with technology makes your life a whole lot easier, and sometimes it takes a few extra steps before you can truly relax and allow the machine to do all the work. In the case of the Roomba robot vacuum, many users have reported that once they fixed these minor problems, hands-on floor cleaning became a chore of the past! So let’s learn exactly how to solve this issue with each model so you can sit back, and watch your Roomba work. 

What to Do if the Roomba i7 or i3 is Missing Rooms?

As we mentioned, these Roombas are pretty technologically advanced, and all three models offer Smart Mapping which can learn the layout of up to 10 different floor plans on different levels of your home or workspace. But what if they are missing a room?

  • The first thing to do is check the app’s settings. Your settings could accidentally be telling your Roomba to only clean certain rooms, not all of them. This is a super simple fix and maybe you are already back to enjoying your Roomba’s full clean!
  • If not, turn up the lights. The Roomba camera needs proper lighting to view the room they’re in, so if the lights are low or off, it may not know where it is. (Note: the i3 does not actually have a camera.)
  • You may need to clean the sensor.  Although the Roomba is supposed to be self-operating, it still needs to be well cared for. You can easily turn the machine over and lightly clean the sensor and brushes either every day or a few times a week, depending on how much you’re cleaning. 
  • Re-mapping your home is the last and most time-consuming option. But if nothing else works, definitely reset the map before you give up on your Roomba!

Now you know how to fix your Roomba if it is missing a whole room, but what if it is just missing spots?

What to Do if the Roomba i7, i3, or 960 is Missing Spots?

Although they are pretty amazing little machines, they are not flawless. Sometimes too many obstacles in a room can lead to the Roomba running around in little circles instead of producing a well-organized complete clean. 

To fix this problem, you may have to move a few things around, to create a more open floor plan for your Roomba. 

You should also turn the lights up high so the camera can see every object in its path. (Except in the case of the i3, because it only works with sensors so it can navigate in the dark.)

If those options don’t work, or you’re not home to do it, you can send the Roomba to a specific spot to clean from your iRobot app, but you may have to repeatedly instruct it if it really cannot figure out how to get there on its own. 


No device is absolutely perfect. And although the Roomba robot vacuums have certainly become the most popular options on the market, they are still known to cause a little trouble every once and a while.

The Roomba i7, i3, and 960 models are all completely capable and can usually clean your space with ease and without any help from you! But if you do encounter the problem that they are missing rooms or spots, hopefully, you now know how to fix it! 

However, if you are still encountering problems, Roomba has an excellent help page to assist you and get your device working perfectly. 

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