Where Do I Find the Model Number on my Roomba?

roomba on floor under dresserroomba on floor under dresser

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There are many reasons that someone may need to find the model number of their Roomba. Maybe you’re looking for replacement parts, or you might be making a recommended purchase to a friend. Fortunately, the model number is straight-forward to find.

Your Roomba model number can be found on the bottom in two ways:

  • You can find the model number next to the left wheel or the space between the wheels
  • You can find the model number within the serial number, which is on a white sticker behind the dust bin

Both methods are fairly easy and essentially require looking at the bottom of the Roomba. If your model number by the wheels is scratched off or hard to locate, the serial number is a handy backup option.

How Many Roomba Models are There?

Since iRobot released their Original Series Roomba in 2002, they have consistently released new models since then. This means there are dozens of possible Roombas (with equally as many differences).

iRobot has produced 11 generations of Roomba and actively sells 6 different models from s, j, i, and 600 Series as of 2021. However, iRobot still provides the manuals and sells replacement parts for all Roomba models. Most models within a series use the same parts (e.g., brushes, batteries, filters).

The Roomba 600 Series is one of the most popular due to its affordability; however, it features nearly two dozen different models! This may leave you concerned about how differences between the models may affect your ability to find the model and serial numbers.

Are All the Serial Numbers in the Same Place?

Although the different Roomba models may have different features and technology, the overall exterior stays relatively the same, which is helpful for new users and repeat customers alike when looking for the serial number.

All iRobot Roomba models have the sticker with the serial number on the bottom of the Roomba behind their dust bin. Because the sticker is behind the dust bin, it is protected from wear and tear from the different floor textures the Roomba may go over while cleaning.

Even if you find the serial number, the long combination of letters and numbers may make it confusing to figure out where the model number is. Keep reading to find out where you can find the model number within the serial number!

How Do You Figure Out a Model Number from a Serial Number?

Serial numbers contain plenty of important information like the model number, manufacture date, and even where the device was manufactured. The model number is the first information of a serial number.

The Roomba serial numbers consist of 3 letters (except for the Mint model) followed by 18 numbers; the first 3 numbers are the model number. If you have an older Roomba (e.g., the Discovery/400 Series) with a 4-digit model number, it would be the first 4 digits after the letters.

Can a Serial Number Tell the Roomba’s Age?

Once you know the model number, you may be wondering if you can determine the age of your Roomba based on the serial number.

You can tell how old your Roomba is by the serial number. After the letters and model number, you can find the manufacture date written numerically as 6 digits in the order of year, month, then day. So, for example, ‘June 7, 2005’ would be written ‘050607’.

While you may want to know your Roomba’s age to have an excuse to throw a birthday party, there are many practical reasons for knowing your Roomba’s manufacture date.

Why Would You Need to Know a Roomba Serial Number?

You now know how much important information is in a Roomba serial number, but you may be wondering why you would need to know it.

You need to know your Roomba’s serial number to:

  • Know what software and coding updates your Roomba is eligible for
  • Register your Roomba online
  • Make a warranty claim (especially for refurbished robots)

All of these are important for maintaining your Roomba and ensuring your robot is of the best quality. Since warranty claims usually imply an issue with your Roomba, you may be wondering if you need the serial number to return your Roomba.

Do I Need the Serial Number to Get a Refund?

Assuming you just purchased your Roomba and have discovered an issue that you believe requires a return and refund within the 60-day trial time, you may want to know what information is needed.

You do not need the serial number to get a refund on your Roomba if you have purchased it directly from iRobot. While it is preferred that you use the original packaging, packing slip and return form, your return package must include:

  • Order number
  • Billing name
  • Address
  • The Roomba being returned

It should be noted that the package should already have its shipping paid for, and a trusted delivery service like UPS or Insured Parcel Post should be used. Fortunately, iRobot makes the return process straightforward and simple.

In Conclusion

First released nearly 20 years ago, Roomba, the first domesticated robot, has maintained its popularity by being a long-lasting, helpful device. However, this means there are many potential models that people may need to find the model number for, for various reasons.

Fortunately, because the exteriors of all Roomba devices are approximately the same, the model number can always be found on the bottom of the Roomba – either by the wheels or within the serial number.

The serial number contains the model number and manufacture date, which is convenient for updates, registration, and warranty claims.

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