Panasonic TV Audio and Video Out of Sync?

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Incorrect sync between picture and sound is one of the most common problems that plague Panasonic TV viewers. When the audio lags behind the video, or vice versa, it’s called being out of sync. This problem can be very annoying, as it breaks the viewing experience. What causes sync issues on a Panasonic TV, and how can you fix them?

There are a few things that can break the sync between your Panasonic TV’s audio and video. The most common causes include improper connections, incorrect audio settings, and outdated firmware.

Below, we will discuss a few ways you can correct this issue and get your TV’s audio and picture back in sync. Keep reading to learn more!

Why is My Panasonic TV Audio and Video Out of Sync?

Correct picture and audio sync is an important function for all AV devices.

When a TV’s picture and audio become out of sync, there is a delay between the audio coming from the speakers and the picture on the screen.

This can occur when there are differences in how fast a video source sends out the image or when there is a lag time between the TV and an audio device.

If you are experiencing this problem on your Panasonic TV, there are a few things you can try that may fix it:

  • Check for firmware updates
  • Adjust the sync delay
  • Reconnect all cables

It is important to pinpoint why your TV is out of sync to ensure it does not happen again.  

If you are experiencing picture or audio sync problems, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Check for Firmware Updates

Your Panasonic TV’s firmware controls the way it operates.

This firmware is built into the TV and helps it perform certain functions.

These include switching between different inputs, adjusting volume and picture settings, and recording video content.

If you’re experiencing picture or audio sync problems on your Panasonic TV, it could be due to outdated firmware.

One easy way to tell if you have outdated firmware on your Panasonic TV is to check which version you’re running.

The newest firmware version should be listed in the software menu as “Latest Software” or “Latest Firmware.”

If you see any other version listed, try updating your TV’s firmware before contacting us for assistance.

To update your TV’s firmware, you must first connect it to your home’s WiFi network. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control.
  • From the Settings menu, select “System.”
  • Find and select “System Update.”
  • Choose “Check for Update.”

If an update is available, download and install it on your TV.

After the update finishes installing, turn on a show and see if the sync issue has been resolved.

Adjust the Sync Delay

Another common cause of sync problems on a Panasonic TV is a sync delay.

This problem occurs when the TV takes too long to recognize the audio signal.

If you are having trouble with your audio and video sync, try adjusting your sync delay settings. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control to open your TV’s settings.
  • Select the “System” menu.
  • Press “Advanced,” then select “Sync Delay.”

By default, this setting should be 100 m/s.

If this setting does not allow for an in-sync viewing experience, adjust it until the picture and audio sync up correctly.

You may have to make an adjustment, then try watching a program to see how it compares to the previous setting.

Although this method can be tedious, it’s often the best way to eliminate sync-related issues completely.

Reconnect All Cables

Another thing that can pull your picture and audio out of sync is improperly connected HDMI, Component, or RGB cables. Try disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables plugged into your Panasonic TV, which can often fix any sync-related issues stemming from weak connections.

This is especially helpful if you use any auxiliary video or audio devices to watch TV.

These might include speakers, soundbars, or streaming sticks.

To properly disconnect and reconnect your cables, follow the steps below:

  • Power off your TV.
  • If possible, power off all devices connected to your TV.
  • Unplug each device from both the TV and the power outlet.
  • Wait a few minutes, then turn your TV back on.
  • Once your TV fully boots up, begin reconnecting all your devices.

After the cables are properly connected, your sync issues will likely disappear.

In Conclusion

Panasonic TVs are known for tight synchronization between the picture and audio.

If you’re experiencing sync-related issues, there are a few things you can try that may solve the problem.

You may need to update your TV’s firmware, or you may need to reconnect the cables behind the TV.

If you’re still experiencing problems, try adjusting your sync delay settings.

And, if all else fails, the last thing you can do is contact Panasonic customer support for more advanced technical assistance.

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