How To Fix Lip Sync On Vizio TV

A smart TV in a cozy living roomA smart TV in a cozy living room

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A Vizio TV is a great option for any television lover who wants to enjoy the great sound quality and beautiful imaging. Sometimes, you may notice that the lip sync is off when listening and watching TV. So, how do you fix lip sync on a Vizio TV?

Users who notice Lip Sync is off on their Vizio TV can go into the settings and adjust the relation and reaction time. Additionally, they can try changing the channel back and forth to see if it syncs back up to fix these issues.

Now that you know some quick-fix solutions, it is time to go into them in greater detail. Below you will discover how to adjust the Lip Sync setting and other tips to fix unsynced sound on a Vizio TV.

Adjust The Lip Sync Settings

Unlike their competitors, Vizio allows users to adjust the lip sync settings on their TV. This allows users to fine-tune the sound and visual so that it pairs up precisely, no matter what type of show or movie is on. 

Since this setting is so unique, many people do not know how to go in and adjust it. This guide will show you the step-by-step process you need to take to adjust the sound settings properly.

Navigate To The Menu

Grab the Vizio remote from your side table or coffee table. Press the menu button located on the remote. It will look like a gear; say the word setup or menu. 

It is typically located on the middle right or upper left-hand side of the Vizio remote.

While in the settings, did you know you can change the screensaver on a Vizio TV?

Pick Audio

Next, you will see a sub-menu on the Vizio TV screen. This sub-menu will have a wide range of different options to choose from. 

Scroll through until you find the option labeled Audio. Select it by pressing OK on your remote.

Select Lip Sync Adjustment

After selecting the Audio sub-menu, another sub-menu will appear. Within this sub-menu select the option labeled Lip Sync Adjustment. 

If you have never adjusted this setting, it will default to 0.0. 

The range for this setting can be as low as 0.0 and as high as 5.0. Take the setting and adjust it up to 2.5. Save the selection and then exit back out of the menu.

Turn it off and on Again

Now that you have adjusted the setting, it is time to turn off the TV, and anything else plugged into it. Leave it off for a few minutes. 

After a few minutes, simply plug everything back and power it back on.

Test it Out

Navigate back to the show you were watching when you noticed the audio and visual were out of sync. Let it play for a few minutes. 

Pay close attention to the video and how it matches up to the audio. If it is fixed, you are all set to go!

Other Reasons Why Lip Sync is Mismatched

If the Lip Sync setting within the Vizio TV is not the problem, other issues could prevent your Vizio TV from having proper audio and visual match-up. 

Below we have highlighted some of these reasons to help you troubleshoot this problem.

Problem With Service Provider

One reason why the TV’s audio and visual are not matching up can be due to an issue with the signal as it is sent from the provider. 

When a signal is weak, or a break in a line occurs, it can cause the audio and visual to become out of sync, so your Vizio TV will appear to have a mismatched lip sync.

This issue usually resolves itself once the cable or streaming provider fixes the internal or external problem. These problems often resolve within a few hours, although some locations and scenarios can take a few days.

Inclement Weather and Satellite Service

Another reason audio and visual can become out of sync is inclement weather. Inclement weather can block or interfere with the signal if you have a satellite service for your TV. 

When this is the case, you may lose audio, visual, or find the timing off for your shows.

Typically this issue is resolved once the inclement weather event has stopped. If it does not, take a peek at your satellite dish to ensure it was not moved due to wind or other similar causes from the inclement weather.

Firmware Update

If your TV’s software is outdated, you could be experiencing lip sync issues. If this is the case, it is important to hook your TV to a WiFi connection. 

After doing so, go into the settings and navigate to the software or general settings menu.

Within this menu, select to search for updates. When an update appears, select okay and allow it to install. 

Once the installation is over, turn off the TV for a few minutes and then put it back on again. It should help fix the problem.

Getting Back In Sync

Vizio makes it easy to be able to fix lip sync issues that appear on the TV. Users can fine-tune their entire viewing experience so that it meets their expectations. So, next time you find yourself in this situation, simply adjust the settings and enjoy the show.

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