Nebula Capsule Projector Won’t Turn On – Troubleshooting


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Nothing is more relaxing than going outside in the summer, sitting on the patio, and watching a movie on the outdoor projector. Add a crackling fire and some smores, and you have a real treat. A Nebula Capsule projector is a great option for this endeavor. But what happens when the Nebula Capsule projector won’t turn on?

If you find that your Nebula Capsule projector is not turning on, it is important to ensure that the battery is fully charged. If the battery is low or completely drained, it will not function and will not power on. There are other issues to cause the Nebula Capsule not to turn on.

If the battery is fully charged and the Nebula Capsule projector is still not powering on, there may be a different problem. If this is the case, it is important to take some simple troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the lack of power. Keep reading to learn about some of the best troubleshooting tips to help you solve your power problem.

Projecting Trouble

When it comes to troubleshooting technology, a wide array of different issues can contribute to the problem. Technology has many components that work independently and in tandem with each other. Due to this are many different things to look at when troubleshooting problems. We have made a list of some troubleshooting scenarios:

  1. Something is wrong with the battery
  2. Reset the Nebula Capsule
  3. Faulty power cord
  4. Not enough power getting to the Nebula Capsule
  5. The remote isn’t functioning right
  6. Physical damage to the Nebula Capsule

Keep reading to learn how to troubleshoot the Nebula Capsule projector not turning on.

Battery Dysfunction

One of the main culprits of a power problem with a Nebula Capsule projector is a battery issue. As mentioned earlier, this could be due to a simple lack of sufficient charge to the battery, resulting in the Nebula refusing to power on. This could also indicate the battery is defective. The user needs to contact Anker for warranty and tech assistance if this is the case.

While the Nebula Capsule projectors have an amazing battery life compared to most portable projectors, they aren’t infinite.

One other thing you can do is to see if your Nebula Capsule works while charging.

The Nebula Capsule projector has a one-year warranty. It covers manufacturer defects. This means that if the unit is found to be defective due to manufacturer error, they can fix the problem at no cost to you. If they cannot fix the problem, they will entirely replace the item. Either way, the problem could be solved quickly and affordably.

Turn it Off and On Again

Although this sounds cliche, it is one of the best ways to fix a problem. If the Nebula Capsule projector is not powering on, hold down the power button for ten seconds. Then release the power button and wait a moment. If the Nebula Capsule begins to power on, it has successfully reset itself. If it does not, it is time for a different plan to fix it.

Catastrophic Cord

Check the charging cord for your Nebula Capsule next. If it is the original cord, check for instances of kinks, fraying, or breakage. These could lead to the cord not functioning properly, which means it isn’t charging the Nebula Capsule like you once thought. This could be the reason why you are not experiencing power.

If the cord is not original, it may be the problem itself. You may be out of luck if you buy a cord online that is not compatible or rated for the Nebula Capsule, also known as a ‘knock-off’ cord. Poor quality charging cords may not function properly. It may look like it is providing a solid charge to the Nebula Capsule, but it might not be doing anything at all.

Low Voltage Outlet

Another common issue is plugging the Nebula Capsule projector into the wall outlet. It appears fine, but there could be problems with the voltage. The Nebula Capsule requires at least a 9V/2A power supply. If you do not have a source that has enough juice to provide this supply, then it will not power the Nebula Capsule or charge the Nebula Capsule appropriately.  

Remote Control Check

If the reason behind your aggravation is aimed at the remote, it is time to take a closer look. If the remote will not power on the Nebula Capsule, it could be a battery issue within the remote itself. Try changing out the batteries and trying again. If that does not work, it may be time to go online and purchase a new remote due to a hardware malfunction.

Damaged Hardware

In a last-ditch effort to figure out the issue, it is important to take a visual inspection of the Nebula Capsule. During this inspection, note any dents, scuffs, or cracks. These could be outward signs of damage that could affect the unit internally. If the unit suffered a fall, it could have permanently broken it, meaning it is time to buy a new one to replace this one.

Back to the Show

Troubleshooting can be frustrating, but it is also extremely effective. After all, is said and done, and the Nebula Capsule is back on and running, it is time to grab your favorite show, a few snacks, and a few friends. Sit back and relax, and enjoy the show.

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