How Long Do The Nebula Capsule Projector Batteries Last?


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With digital media expanding in ways we never thought it could, many people are switching from televisions to alternative forms of viewing. Projector screens had been popular in the past but unfortunately involved connecting a ton of cords. Fortunately, with the Nebula Capsule projector, cords are a thing of the past. 

The original Nebula Capsule projector lasts for four hours of video time and over thirty hours of music play. Each version of the Nebula Capsule has a different amount of time that the batteries last. 

It’s important to know how long the Nebula Capsule battery lasts because the last thing you want in the middle of a movie is for it to die. Keep on reading to learn about the types of batteries that the Nebula Capsules use and how long they last.

Battery Comparison Between Versions

As new technology arises, we also need to look at the different versions of a product. The Nebula Capsule projector has its original version and the Nebula Capsule II. There is also the Nebula Capsule Max which has some more features.

Nebula CapsuleNebula Capsule IINebula Capsule Max
Battery Life4-hours video; 2.5 in standard mode2.5 in battery mode; 2 hours in standard4 hours in battery mode; 1.5 in standard 

All of the Nebula Capsules use a lithium polymer battery as well. They all also have HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities. 

So when looking at all three capsule projectors, the best battery life you will get is the original Nebula Capsule, with the Max coming in second place. This definitely goes to show that just because something is “newer” doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be better. 

What’s the difference between standard mode and battery mode? Well, it has to do with the brightness. Think of it like when you put your phone on “battery saver mode.” When it comes to iPhones, at least, the brightness goes down, and it reduces background apps from pulling energy from the battery. The same thing happens with the battery mode of the Capsule. 

This allows you to have a longer time watching without needing to plug in your projector. That means, have no fear binge-watchers, you should be able to do so with this feature. 

Concerning the Battery

While you should always charge the battery before use, there are a few other things that are helpful to know about the battery of your Nebula Capsule projector. 

  • Make sure that if there are issues with your battery, you do not remove the battery by yourself. 
  • Keep the battery away from direct heat or sunlight. This can be as simple as putting the capsule away after use if you are using it outside. 
  • The only batteries you can replace on your own are those of the remote. These consist of 2 AAA batteries. That being said, please make sure you take the batteries out if you plan to keep the projector dormant for some time. You never want batteries to leak or get old inside the device. It will only serve to ruin the remote. 
  • Try to avoid constantly draining the Nebula Capsule’s battery completely. This might mean you have to cut off an episode from your night of binge watching a show to make sure that it’s charged up.

By following these steps, you shouldn’t have to worry about your Nebula Capsule’s battery draining too quickly or fading.

If you’re wondering if you can use the Nebula Capsule while it’s charging, you’re not alone. It can be done, but you lose some of the essential features.

What Should I Do if the Battery Doesn’t Turn on?

The first thing you should do is make sure that your adapter is working. This can happen if you plug in the Capsule projector and the LED indicator turns red, then green once fully charged. If this happens, go ahead and hold the power button for 10 seconds and reset the device. 

If your projector isn’t charging properly, try changing the cable first. From there, contact Nebula customer support, and they should be able to help you. Just make sure you try these steps first, so you avoid the dreaded “have you turned it off and on again?” questions with their agents. 

Nebula Capsule Batteries

As a general rule, the Capsule batteries last roughly about 3-4 hours in video mode without having to be plugged in. The Nebula Capsule Max may give you more bang for your buck regarding those features. 

As for issues with your battery, make sure you keep it charged. If you are concerned with any issues concerning the projector’s battery, don’t try taking it out and examining it yourself. Instead, go to Nebula customer support and get the help of their agents. 

Go ahead, and connect through Bluetooth, WiFi, or otherwise and watch your media become portable!

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