Is Ring Free with Amazon Prime? (Plus Saving Hacks for Ring Products)

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Ring cameras and other security products are an amazing way to help protect your home and loved ones whether you are in the house or away. Since Amazon owns Ring, many people use their Amazon Prime accounts to purchase Ring products. With that said, you’re probably wondering if the Ring Protect plans and other subscriptions are free with your Amazon Prime account.

Ring devices can operate for free without any additional fees or subscriptions, such as Amazon Prime. However, if you want to add the Ring Protect Plan to your devices, you will need to pay an additional monthly charge. The charges are the same whether someone has an Amazon Prime account or not. 

In this article, we will go over the Ring Protect Plan subscription and costs, as well as tips on how to save on your next Ring purchase.

Is Ring Free with an Amazon Prime Account?

The Ring Protect plans allow you to store recorded video clips and watch them 24/7. This works for both live-view footage and motion detections. So, if you are concerned about someone being at your home or around your door, you can always go back and watch the video footage whenever you want.

Since Amazon owns Ring, some people mistakenly assume that Ring devices are free with their Amazon Prime subscriptions. However, this is not true. Amazon Prime subscribers and people who don’t have an account will both need to pay the full cost for Ring devices, as well as an additional monthly charge for the protection plan.

All Ring cameras and devices can be used for free without a Prime or Ring Protect Plan subscription. However, if you don’t get the Ring Protect Plan, you will miss out on a few features:

  • You won’t be able to share video footage with friends or on social media.
  • You won’t be able to store photos and videos in the Ring Cloud.
  • You won’t be able to connect the camera to the Ring Alarm System.

When you buy a Ring camera, you get a free month of Ring Protect to help you decide whether you want to purchase it or not. At the end of the 30 days, you will have a choice to start making the monthly fee or opt out of the plan.

Ring Protect Plan Options

There are two Ring Protect Plans. Compare them using the chart below:

FeaturesRing Protect BasicRing Protect Plus
Number of DevicesSingle-cameraUnlimited number of devices
Warranty2 years3 years
Sharing OptionsFamily, friends, social mediaFamily, friends, social media
Cost$3 per month, $30 per year$10 per month, $100 per year

Why Isn’t Ring Protect Free with Amazon Prime?

Even though Amazon owns Ring, the two subscriptions are completely different. In fact, Amazon doesn’t offer free plans for most of the products they own. Ring also started as a separate company and was purchased by Amazon in 2018.

Amazon also hasn’t made any moves or announcements to say that Ring Protect might be free in the future, So, even if you have Amazon Prime, you should still plan on paying for Ring Protect.

Saving Hacks for Ring Products

Even though Ring isn’t free with Amazon Prime, there are some ways you can save on Ring products. Many of the hacks involve using your Amazon account:

Pay for Ring Protect Per Year

As you can see in the chart above, paying for the Ring Protect Plans by year instead of month saves you money. If you pay for Ring Protect Basic by the year, you will only spend $30 instead of $36. For the Ring Protect Plus, you will pay $100 per year instead of $120.

Buy Your Ring Products Through Amazon

You get some added perks when you buy the Ring through Amazon:

  • Free shipping: Ring products get free Amazon Prime delivery to most locations in the United States.
  • Next-day delivery: Most Ring products qualify for next-day or same-day delivery. This is extremely convenient and saves you money without needing to pay for additional shipping costs.
  • Buy bundle options: The Ring can be fully integrated with Amazon Alexa devices such as the Echo. Using Alexa allows you to use voice commands when operating the Ring. Amazon often sells the Alexa and Ring products in low-cost bundles or offers Echo Dots for free during sales and promotions.

Final Thoughts

Even though Ring products can be used without the Protect Plan, buyers who want this service will need to pay an additional monthly fee even if they have an Amazon Prime account. Consider using your Amazon Prime account to buy your Ring products so that you can buy them in bundles and qualify for free shipping.

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