How To Tell If Someone Is Watching Nest Cam

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Due to advancing technology, more people are choosing smart home devices that make everyday life easier. If you have installed a nest cam, it is essential to understand how the devices work to get the most security for your home. One tool you can use to tell whether your camera is actively recording video or being watched is observing the status light just above the camera lens.

You can tell that someone is watching your nest cam video live through the nest app or third-party connection like Alexa if the status LED light blinks green. However, the status light will not blink if you use a cellular data connection or nest app spaces.

Your nest camera LED light can show different colors that warn you when something is wrong and you need to investigate. Read on to find out more about the nest camera lights and what they mean.

What Color Is Nest When Someone Is Watching?

Nest cameras are a great way to monitor our homes remotely and get immediate alerts of important events. It is therefore essential to be aware of when someone else is watching the live video stream. 

Here is what you should keep in mind:

It is important to note that the status light won’t blink if the person streams the live video in Spaces View on the Nest app with a cellular data connection.

What Does the Green Light on The Nest Camera Mean?

Your Nest camera lights are a visual indicator of the status of your device, and you can quickly tell when your device is working normally.

If you see a solid green light on your nest camera, it means the following:

  •  It is on and working normally.
  • The camera is actively processing and recording video of the view.
  • Your nest camera is connected to the Wi-Fi and is saving video history to the cloud or offline to the local storage.

If you press the restart or reset button on your Nest camera while it is still recording, the status light will turn off then on to a solid green. Once the status light is back to solid green, your camera has resumed recording video.

The status light in a well-functioning nest cam is always green as a visual indicator that your device is recording and storing video. Even though you cannot disable the status light, the home or nest app settings allow you to adjust the brightness level to auto, low or high.    

If you’d like to know more about Nest cameras, check out this article.

What Does Red Light on Nest Camera Mean?

If you notice your nest cam status light is a solid red, it means that your LED is faulty, and you should immediately contact Nest Support.

On the other hand, the Nest Cam IQ has two different LED lights; one status light and a larger ring surrounding it. If you notice that the light ring is blinking red, it means that although you plugged in your camera, the power outlet does not have enough power for it to work properly. You should plug it into another outlet with more power. 

What Does Blinking Blue Light Mean on Nest Camera?

When setting up your nest camera, you might notice that the status light is blinking blue. A blue blinking light indicates the following:

  • Your nest camera is ready to be connected to the nest app and the Wi-Fi network.
  • After restarting your nest camera, the blue blinking light indicates that you should reconnect the camera to the Wi-Fi and app.
  • A pulsing blue ring light on your google nest cam IQ indicates that you should input your camera in the app.

If you notice that your nest camera status light is a solid blue, it means that the camera has restarted itself, and you should add it to a nest account.  Your Nest camera restarts itself the first time you plug it into a power outlet when the power comes back on after an outage or after a firmware update.


The status light in your nest camera is an indicator of whether your camera is working well. A solid green light shows that the camera is connected and recording video, while a blinking green light indicates that someone is streaming your live video. 

If you notice a solid red light, your camera LED is faulty, and you should contact support. Once your nest cam restarts, the blinking blue light shows that your camera is ready to be connected to the Wi-Fi and nest app.

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