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How To Know If An Android Blocked You On iPhone

Last Updated Dec 20, 2022
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There is no sure way of telling if someone has blocked you on an Android on your iPhone but there are a few things you can test out to come to this conclusion.

How To Know If An Android Blocked You On iPhone

It is difficult to figure out if you are blocked by an Android user on your iPhone. With iPhones, your text messages usually turn green when you get blocked but as you can see, text messages with an Android user is already green.

Here are some alternative was you can figure out if you were blocked on an Android.

Call The Android User

Try calling the Android user. If the call is constantly going to voicemail, then most likely they blocked you. No one has their phone turned off all the time. It’s a life line these days.

Use An Alternative Number

Try calling the Android using a different number. If the person answers or there are a few rings before voicemail comes, unlike when you call, you are definitely blocked.

Star 67

A very old school way of figuring this out is using *67 before the person’s phone number. This blocks your number and it will allow you to call the person.

Just like before, if it rings before going to voicemail instead of going straight to voicemail, then your number is blocked. Or if they answer, you are blocked.


These are the simplest tasks you can do to figure out if someone has blocked you that uses an Android. It is not definitive proof but it should suffice your curiosity.