How to Easily View Vivint Cameras On Computer

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Installing security cameras outside your home can provide extra safety for you and your family. But you may be wondering, how do I view this camera footage on my computer? 

Viewing the camera footage is important to ensure there is no threat to your property. Keep reading to how to view your Vivint camera’s footage on your computer.

Download Vivint Desktop App

Once you have your Vivint home security system installed, you may be interested in how to view the camera footage.The cameras are available for viewing by downloading the Vivint desktop application on your computer.

Downloading the Vivint desktop app also allows you to:

  • Check the status of the system.
  • Control smart home devices.
  • Arm the security system.

This website has the Vivint desktop download and directions to follow for your computer depending on specifications. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Download LDPlayer
  2. Open the software
  3. Find Google Play on the Home screen
  4. Open Google Play
  5. Install Vivint Smart Home

The Vivint desktop app should now be in your list of installed apps on the LDPlayer Home page.

Log In Or Create a Vivint Account

Once you have followed the directions to download the desktop application, you can create an account or login to your Vivint account. 

This account is accessible from any device with the Vivint application. This allows you to view camera footage from anywhere.

Here is a website that provides a step-by-step guide on how to create your Vivint account. If your Vivint account will not work, You can alway contact their customer service to help you login to your account.

Select the Camera to View

Depending on how many devices you have connected to the Vivint system, you will have to select the camera you are wanting to view. If you only have one camera, you will only see one option for that camera. 

Vivint home systems can record doorbell camera footage from:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Doorbell

This allows maximum security for your home or business. Vivint users enjoy the doorbell the most since it allows them to view who is at the doorstep. They can also use the doorbell camera to see if their packages have been stolen.

Search Through Saved Or Live Videos

The Vivint desktop application allows you to view live and saved camera footage. This allows the user to view either live or saved anytime they want to.

Here’s the difference between the two:

  • Saved videos are accessible through your account and are only deleted by the account user. Vivint will keep all saved video footage for 30 days before automatically deleting it. This is to be sure there is always space for more video footage.
  • Live video footage is accessible anytime on the Vivint application. It can show live video footage from the indoor, outdoor and doorbell camera. Vivint saves all footage so therefore your live camera footage will automatically be saved for access in the future.

All camera footage is sorted by date to make it easy for the user to find the saved video of choice. You can also create folders and organize the camera footage to your liking.

View Security Footage

Camera footage can be viewed and saved on any device with the Vivint application. This allows the user to view their security cameras with any device accessible from any location. 

Here is how to view security footage:

  1. On the homepage, find the Cameras icon.
  2. Select the camera that you would like to view.
  3. Use the rewind button to have full control of viewing the video.

You can view the camera footage the same way on other devices if they have the Vivint application. You can also send the camera footage from device to device for sharing. 

Save Security Footage

Vivint automatically saves all video footage for 30 days. After 30 days, Vivint deletes the footage to make space for the following videos to come.

If you would like to have your own copy of the security camera footage, you will have to download it yourself. It would be a better choice to download the camera footage to always have access to it. 

Here is how to save security footage:

  1. On the homepage, find the Cameras icon.
  2. Tap Events.
  3. Tap the share icon and select the clip that will be saved.
  4. Select how the video footage will be saved (file type).
  5. The video footage will be saved in your files.

Saving the camera footage is very important in case of an emergency or crime that may happen on your property. The doorbell camera footage may be saved to ensure no one takes your packages. 


Having a home security system can guarantee safety to you and your family. The cameras are excellent for capturing precise camera and audio recordings. 

Vivint allows you to view your security footage easily from any device that has the application. Vivint users prefer to view their camera footage from their computer for easier access to save video files.

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