How To Download Video From Wyze SD Card

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The Wyze Cam is a great home security camera that is available at an extremely affordable price. It can capture high-quality videos, provide two-way talk, and have a live feed option on the app. They are extremely user-friendly and come in a modern and sleek design. They have limited storage space if you do not use an SD card.

Using an SD card allows you to upgrade the camera to allow more video storage. This is great if you want to save your security videos but do not want to download them daily. It can get tricky to get the video off the SD card and onto the computer. Many people get stuck when they try. Keep reading to find out exactly how to get the video off a Wyze SD card.

Wyze Cam: Download Video From SD Card

Using extra storage via an SD card is popular for the Wyze Cam and other popular camera brands. This saves users money on a cloud storage subscription while also providing the benefit of recording video when motion is detected. But how does someone get the video off the SD card from the Wyze cam to the computer?

To download video from the Wyze Cam SD card, you must manually conduct the download on the computer after removing the SD card from the camera itself. There is currently no way to remotely download the video from the SD card from the Wyze App.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, don’t fret. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to getting the video off the Wyze Cam SD card and onto your computer. This way, you can save your security footage and review it anytime. Keep reading to find out how.

We’ve also reviewed the Wyze Cam v3 and think it’s a great fit for most households.

Remove the SD Card From the Wyze Cam

The first step in getting the video downloaded off the SD card to a computer is to go to the camera you want the footage from and remove the SD card from it. 

This will temporarily shrink the storage down to simple 12-second clips on the cloud. If you do not want to miss any video recordings, then simply place another SD card into the empty camera.

It is important to note that the Wyze Cam can only take SD cards up to 32GB in size. Trying to insert a larger card will result in issues with the hardware and the software. We have some ways to help you maximize the storage space.

Once you climb up the ladder and get the SD card out of the camera, it is time to go back inside to your laptop or desktop computer. This is where the core part of the process will begin.

Connect The SD Card To The Computer

Most modern computers do not come with an SD or MicroSD slot. What this means is,

You will need to if you have not invested in a MicroSD or SD converter yet. This converter has a USB port on one end and a slot for an SD card on the other. Insert the SD card in the appropriate slot on the convertor.

Once the SD card is inserted into the right slot in the convertor, take the USB port side and plug it into an open port on your computer. 

If this is the first time you are using the converter and SD card combo, the computer may prompt a driver update. After this occurs, there will be a message at the bottom right-hand corner, alerting you the connection was made.

Find Your Device in File Explorer

After the device successfully connects to the computer, it will appear as an external storage option on the computer and will be accessible through the file explorer through Windows. 

Open up the manilla folder button on the bottom home bar on your computer. Under This PC, find the storage unit’s name and right-click it. A new menu will pop up.

Import Pictures and Videos

Within the new menu that pops up under the file explorer, there will be an option labeled “Import pictures and videos.” This is the next option you want to select. Mouse over the menu button and click it once. 

A new window will pop up on the screen named import settings. In this window, you can select the way you want the data to be exported, how much of it you want to be imported, and how you want it to be sorted. Once you have made your selections, press ok. 

Wait For Your Videos To Download

After clicking OK, Windows will begin to pull the data from the SD card and onto the computer where you directed it to save. 

Depending on the amount of data, this can be a very quick download or a very long one. Either way, once it is over, you can access all the videos you need on your computer. 

After this is all done, don’t forget to put the SD card back into your Wyze cam.

Manual Intervention Required

Although it is possible to download all the videos off the Wyze Cam SD card, it surely isn’t convenient. Wyze does not have a way to download SD card videos to their app remotely. So, for now, users must manually remove and download these videos to their computers regularly to keep up.

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