How to Create Nest Account Without Google


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Nest is a company specializing in smart home devices that began production as Nest Labs. It was acquired by Google in 2014 and has since been fully merged into the company’s smart home range. To use your Nest devices, you will require access to the Nest app, which uses your Google credentials.

New Nest accounts can only be created with a Google account. The only way to have access to Nest without Google is to have an existing non-migrated Nest account that does not allow full access to the app. If there is no existing Google account, a new one can be created.

If you are interested in owning Nest devices but don’t have a Google account, let’s take a look below at how to go about creating a Nest account.

Creating a Nest Account Without Google

Nest produces various smart home devices, including outdoor and indoor cameras, speakers, doorbells, and smoke detectors. One of its most popular offerings is the Nest Thermostat, which allows remote control over your home’s heating system.

Since Google acquired Nest Labs, it has seamlessly integrated Nest devices with what used to be the Google Home line. The Nest app is used to control the devices falling under the Google Nest umbrella.

Currently, the only way to create a new Nest account to get access to the Nest app is to use your Google credentials to sign in to the service. If you don’t have a Google account but wish to create a Nest account, you must first register with Google.

The only way to avoid this is to have a non-migrated Nest account, but this will give you little control over the Google Nest devices. To get full functionality, you would have to migrate your account.

How to Create a Google Account for Nest

If you decide you want full functionality to use the Nest app with your smart home devices, you should use Google credentials to sign in to the service. If you don’t already have a Google account, here are a few straightforward steps to follow to sign up for one:

  1. Visit the Google Sign In website.
  2. Select the option to Create an Account, then type your name when prompted.
  3. You will then be asked to pick a username, followed by a password, which you will need to confirm.
  4. Once you click Next, you will be asked to add your phone number to the account to enhance its protection. If you choose to add it, you will be asked to verify it either through an SMS or an automated call.
  5. Click Next once more, and you will have your new Google account ready to use. You will also be able to add a recovery email as an extra layer of protection.

If you’d like to keep your current email instead of creating a Gmail one specifically for your Google account, you have the option to register with an existing email. The steps will be similar to those listed above, with the difference that after you enter your name you will be able to select the option to use a current email address that you will then be asked to verify.

How to Create a Nest Account

Once you have your Google account ready for use, you can go ahead and create a Nest account. To achieve this, you will need to download the Nest app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

You should then follow these steps to proceed with the creation of your Nest account:

  1. Open the Nest app. On the home screen, you will find the option to Sign In with Google. Select it, then enter your Google credentials. Press Continue.
  2. You will be shown a list of your Google accounts. Pick the one you want to choose for your Nest account. If you can’t find the relevant Google account on the list, you should select the option to Use Another Account.
  3. Once you select Accept on allowing Nest to use some information from your Google account, you will be able to choose whether or not you have a non-migrated Nest account. This option is not relevant if you are starting a new account and is only necessary if you wish to import previous data from another Nest account.
  4. You will then be asked to review the Google Terms of Service and privacy policies. Read them and tick the option to Accept them when you are done.
  5. After the account creation, you will be able to set up your smart devices and connect to them. The app allows you to remotely access your smart home network and create various profiles.

After following these steps, your Google account will give you full functionality and access to the Nest app.


Creating a Nest account without Google credentials is only possible if you have a non-migrated Nest account. To gain full access to the Nest app and Nest devices, you must create a Google account or use an existing one. You will then use these details to get access to the Nest app.

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