How to Connect to Public WiFi on Android

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Connecting to public WiFi on your Android phone can be convenient if you don’t have access to a private network or your smart device’s data plan. However, you might run into an issue where your Android device refuses to connect to a public WiFi portal. 

Android phones and smart devices can sometimes refuse to connect to unsecured wireless connections due to software glitches or outdated router firmware. There are several ways you can force a connection between your Android and public WiFi, such as using a standard IP or adjusting your settings. 

Connecting to public WiFi on your Android can be a little tricky, but there are a few methods you can use to break the code and get Internet access no matter where you are. Keep reading to learn more about some of the reasons why your Android isn’t connecting to public WiFi and how to get it hooked up.  

Why Can’t I Connect to Public WiFi on Android?

There are several reasons why an Android device may not connect to public WiFi even if a smart device running Apple’s OS is easily connecting to the same network. Here are a few potential causes for the disruption: 

  • The device is in Airplane mode: Placing Android devices in Airplane mode prevents them from hooking up with any wireless network. It’s easy to toggle your device into Airplane mode by accident. Check your dashboard settings and make sure you don’t have this mode activated before you try hooking up to public WiFi. (Source: Business Insider)
  • The phone’s WiFi services are not turned on: Like Airplane mode, you can accidentally toggle your phone’s WiFi connection off by pressing the wrong button on your touchscreen.
  • Issues with the Chrome browser: Some software glitches that cause Android device connectivity problems show up in the Chrome browser’s software. Using a different browser or putting the browser in private mode may bypass these glitches. 
  • Issues with the phone’s internal software: Some software glitches originating in the Android device itself may temporarily cause a connectivity issue between the device and any available wireless networks. Restarting your Android system can usually clear these errors out. 

Understanding why your Android device can’t connect to public WiFi is the first step in troubleshooting how to solve the problem. The other important part is recognizing when you’ve got an issue. 

How to Connect to Unsecured WiFi on Android

Suppose you’re trying to get connected to unsecured public WiFi and you’re running into authentication issues with the public login page. In that case, there are a few different methods you can try to work around the problem. Here are some solutions you can try: 

  • Restart your Android device. Sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is the quickest one. Try turning your Android tablet or smartphone off and leaving it off for at least ten seconds, then turning it back on. In some cases this may solve any connectivity issues you might have.
  • Try a standard default router IP address. Many public WiFi routers go with a default or standard IP address, which is typically Try to plug this IP address manually into your phone to see if you can bypass the faulty WiFi login page.
  • Forget the network. If you’re having problems with the public WiFi network your Android device is trying to connect to, but the network is showing up in your available networks, try “forgetting” the network. Then turn the WiFi off and turn it back on again. This may allow you to forge a new connection. (Source: Android Forums)
  • Change browsers. Many Android users report running into problems accessing unsecured public WiFi when they’re running a Chrome browser. Try using a different browser such as FireFox or Opera and see if you get better results connecting.
  • Try browsing in Incognito Mode. Incognito Mode or Private Mode can sometimes bypass any login authentication issues you might be running into with a public WiFi login screen. 

If none of these solutions solves your public WiFi connectivity issue, try connecting to a different secured wireless network. If your Android device won’t connect to a secured wireless network or a public WiFi network, you might be dealing with a more serious hardware issue. Try taking your Android device to an Android dealer to see if they can address the problem. 

Alternatives to Using Public WiFi on Android

If all else fails and you can’t get your Android device connected to public WiFi, there are still a few other things you can try to get access to a wireless Internet connection. Here are a few additional options: 

  • Use a secured network. Many businesses that are open to the public may allow customers to get access to their secured business WiFi. Try asking a clerk if they have public WiFi access to get hooked up with a private network.
  • Use a mobile WiFi hotspot. Mobile WiFi hotspots give you secured Internet access to a wireless WiFi signal even if there are no insecured WiFi hotspots available. Keep in mind mobile that hotspots usually cost extra on top of your regular phone bill, but they can be worth the investment if you live in an area that doesn’t have many public WiFi spots.

Public WiFi isn’t a sure bet everywhere you go, and the networks sometimes aren’t well maintained. This can cause connectivity issues. If you can’t find a connection and you still need wireless access, try the solutions above to see if you can still get access to a WiFi network.

Try Troubleshooting with Android for Public WiFi Access

Accessing public WiFi on an unsecured network may give you trouble depending on which network you’re trying to use. If you run into problems, the solutions above will give you a head-start into figuring out how to get connected. 

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