How To Connect Apple TV To A Mobile Hotspot

An Apple TV with remoteAn Apple TV with remote

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The Apple TV is one of the most popular over-the-top streaming boxes available today. What do you do if you want to connect your Apple TV to a mobile hotspot?

  1. Turn on your mobile hotspot
  2. Check your mobile hotspot’s settings
  3. Turn on your Apple TV
  4. Turn on your Apple TV’s WiFi under Network Settings
  5. Connect your Apple TV through WiFi to a mobile hotspot’s WiFi network

A standalone mobile hotspot or a mobile hotspot from your phone or tablet is a valuable commodity to have access to. It acts as a mobile WiFi network anywhere you go. 

How to Connect Apple TV to Mobile Hotspot

Connecting your Apple TV to a mobile hotspot is as easy as connecting your Apple TV to a normal at-home internet WiFi network. Your hotspot just needs to be set up correctly.

Keep in mind that mobile hotspots aren’t ideal for streaming, but they can be used.

If your mobile hotspot is already set up, you can connect your Apple TV via the WiFi (Wireless) settings on your Apple TV. Your Apple TV should now be able to connect.

This process is much easier if you are using a mobile hotspot on a phone or tablet. Using a standalone hotspot, you must disable the USB tethering-only mode first.

If your mobile hotspot doesn’t seem to cut it for your Apple TV, don’t worry, there are some things you can do on the Apple TV without WiFi.

Make Sure Your Hotspot Service is Turned on

Using the mobile hotspot on iOS, Android, and Windows devices are simple. Here are the instructions for turning on your mobile hotspot on those devices.

Turn on the Mobile Hotspot on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

  1. Tap the Settings icon (a small gear)
  2. Select the Cellular section
  3. Select Personal Hotspot or Settings
  4. Select Personal Hotspot
  5. Toggle the slider to Allow Others to Join
  6. Select WiFi Password
  7. Give your mobile WiFi network a password

If you don’t have a Personal Hotspot option as listed above, your mobile service carrier may have the mobile hotspot disabled on your account. You will need to contact them to turn it on.

If your carrier has the service disabled, there will likely be a fee to enable it.

Turn on the Mobile Hotspot on Android Devices

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  2. Scroll down and tap the Settings icon
  3. Select Network & Internet
  4. Select Hotspot & Tethering
  5. Tap WiFi hotspot
  6. Tap the toggle next to Use WiFi hotspot
  7. Choose a hotspot name
  8. Choose WPA-2-Personal for your security type
  9. Create a password for your hotspot

If you can’t access your mobile hotspot, your mobile service carrier may have the mobile hotspot option disabled on your account. Contact them to enable it.

If your service provider has the mobile hotspot option disabled, there will probably be a fee to enable it on your account.

Turn on the Mobile Hotspot on Windows Devices

  1. Select the Start Menu button or press the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Network & Internet from the available options
  4. Select Mobile Hotspot
  5. Then choose to Share my Internet Connection from
  6. Pick the Internet Connection you would like to share from
  7. Click on Edit
  8. Choose a Network Name and Password
  9. Click Save
  10. Enable Share my Internet Connection 

If the Mobile Hotspot option in step 4 isn’t present, then you may not have an internet connection type that can be shared. 

Check your Standalone Mobile Hotspot’s Settings

If you use a standalone mobile hotspot for your Apple TV, you will need to disable USB tethering only. You will also need to enable the WiFi network and Bluetooth antenna.

USB-tethering-only is an option for your standalone mobile hotspot to be connected to a desktop computer or laptop and serve the internet via a USB cable. 

If your mobile hotspot is in USB-tethering-only mode, it will not have a wireless network for your Apple TV to connect. 

Connect your Apple TV to your Mobile Hotspot’s WiFi Network

Once your mobile hotspot is set up correctly and working, you need to connect your Apple TV to your mobile WiFi network to start using the internet.

How to Connect your Apple TV to WiFi

  1. Disconnect any ethernet cables connected to your Apple TV
  2. Click the Settings icon (a small gear icon)
  3. Scroll down to Network – if you don’t see the Network option, it may be under General, then Network
  4. Select the name of your mobile WiFi network
  5. Enter your mobile WiFi network’s password
  6. Test to see if your Apple TV is connected to the internet

As soon as you connect to the mobile WiFi network, your Apple TV should tell you if you have access to the internet or not via a popup notification.


It is quite easy to connect an Apple TV to a mobile hotspot. It is as easy as connecting to an at-home WiFi network if you have a mobile hotspot on your phone or tablet.

If you have a standalone mobile hotspot, you must ensure the WiFi network and Bluetooth settings are turned on to ensure it isn’t in USB tethering-only mode.

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