Verizon Jetpacks are unique devices that give your Wi-Fi the power of portability. The Verizon Jetpack—or MiFi device—is essentially a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for on-the-go internet or rural areas where ISPs cannot provide a Wi-Fi setup through fiber or cable. If you own a smart TV, you may be wondering whether you can connect it to the internet using the Verizon Jetpack.

Aside from their portability, Jetpacks are not much different than a cable modem. Like nominal Wi-Fi setups, users can use a Verizon Jetpack on a smart TV or any other device capable of accessing a wireless internet source.

Connecting your smart TV to a Verizon Jetpack hotspot is no different than connecting to traditional Wi-Fi. Once your hotspot is powered up, your smart TV will locate your wireless network hotspot during the internet setup process. Select your hotspot and enter your Wi-Fi password, and your TV will connect.

Can You Use Verizon Jetpack with Smart TVs?

A standard smart TV—with 1080p HD resolution—will consume roughly 1.5GB per hour. With 15GB of data, you’ll hit your cap in ten hours; therein lies the issue. Cell carriers rent a licensed spectrum and pass that charge on to their customers. Through an ISP, the Wi-Fi you use at home is unlicensed and results in much lower costs.

On average, cable internet will run you around $52 a month, which usually includes a data cap of 4,000GB to 1TB. If you have a pretty strict limitation on how much you stream, MiFi is a pretty reasonable purchase. However, if you’re cutting cable, it’ll be very easy to go over your data limit.

Depending on how you use your smart TV, the convenience of a MiFi hotspot may be outweighed by data limitations. In other words, while you can use Verizon Jetpack to connect your smart TV to the internet, the costs associated with using a large amount of data through the device may not be worth it.

Verizon Jetpack Hotspot Plans for TV Use

The Verizon Jetpack—there are several different versions—is convenient, portable, and generally a reliable device.  However, there are a few caveats. Verizon’s plans are malleable and sometimes confusing. A Google search may quickly lead you in the wrong direction due to outdated plans that Verizon has recently changed or dropped altogether.

It is no longer true that a prepaid, standalone plan comes with unlimited data. There is an exception with 5G Ultra-Wideband, but the availability is still very limited—mostly to large metropolitan areas. If you want to use a Jetpack to stream on your smart TV, it’s worth considering Verizon’s data plans and limitations.

Unlimited – $75Unlimited – $6515G – $505G – $40
10GB before throttled down to 600Kbps10GB before throttled down to 600KbpsSubject to 2Gbps speeds once high-speed data is exhaustedSubject to 2 Gbps speeds once high-speed data is exhausted
Includes unlimited 5G ultra-widebandUnlimited 5G ultra-wideband not includedUnlimited 5G ultra-wideband not includedUnlimited 5G ultra-wideband not included
Unlimited talkUnlimited talkUnlimited talkUnlimited talk
Unlimited textUnlimited textUnlimited textUnlimited text

On Verizon’s site, there’s a sliding scale that determines discounts for “loyalty” customers, which reduces the monthly bill for these standalone plans. Verizon also offers hotspot data in their unlimited packages for existing plans:

Play More Unlimited – $45Do More Unlimited – $45Get More Unlimited – $55
15 GB of 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE15 GB of 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE30 GB of 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE
Unlimited 5G Ultra-widebandUnlimited 5G Ultra-widebandUnlimited 5G Ultra-wideband
Unlimited talk/textUnlimited talk/textUnlimited talk/text

Verizon doesn’t exactly make it easy to track down all the various plans and options on offer. The Unlimited Plus Plan announced in September of last year is conspicuously absent on both their prepaid packages page and their connected device plans.

Which Verizon Jetpack Can Be Used with Smart TVs?

You can use any Jetpack with your smart TV and jump on one of Verizon’s plans. However, Verizon only sells one Jetpack that is the newest in the lineup. Other options can be found on Amazon or other online stores.

All four Jetpacks run off of the Verizon 4G LTE network. On average, you can expect a speed of around 60Mbps, which is more than enough to stream at 1080p HD on your smart TV. Only Verizon’s new Inseego MiFi M2100 5G UW uses the ultra-wideband, 5G network.

Final Thoughts

Wi-Fi and MiFi hotspots aren’t going away, mainly because they aren’t truly competitive. But, that doesn’t mean the Verizon Jetpack couldn’t or shouldn’t be a viable stand-in for a traditional Wi-Fi setup.

If you choose the Verizon Jetpack for your smart TV, understand its limitations. The licensed spectrum used by cell carriers has just as much trouble penetrating buildings as Wi-Fi, and the data limits are a concern for smart TVs that chew up data fast.