How to Connect Apple AirPods to a Toshiba TV?

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The Apple AirPods earbuds are an amazing innovation with the Bluetooth pairing function and portability. They make private phone calls, listening to music, and watching your favorite movies and shows easy, no matter where you are. More so, you can connect them to your TVat home! 

However, there are a few steps you have to follow before you can successfully do so. Keep reading, as we will be running you through said steps to connect your Apple Airpods to your Toshiba TV. 

Put Your AirPods In Pairing Mode 

You can put your Apple AirPods in pairing mode by opening your AirPods and pressing the button on the back until the inner light turns white. 

Turn On Bluetooth On Your Toshiba TV

Here are the steps to turning on the bluetooth function on your Toshiba TV:

  1. On your TV, go to Settings
  2. Click on Sound
  3. Select the Bluetooth option
  4. Select Menu
  5. Press OK

Now, let’s take a look at the next step.

Connect Your TV

Once you have turned on your Toshiba TV’s bluetooth function, the menu will display a list of available Bluetooth devices that are discoverable. Your AirPods should be on that list. 

Select your AirPods and they should pair automatically. 

Keep reading to find out other things the Apple AirPods can do for you!

Apple AirPods Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds

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The world of tech has long soared on the wings of healthy rivalry amongst big shot brands. The biggest battle that we’ve seen is the Apple vs Samsung duel that has existed fiercely over the years cutting across phones and recently, the wireless earphones. 

Well, here are some key factors for comparison in this feud. 


Let’s take a look at the difference in price between the Apple AirPods Vs the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Apple AirPods

The AirPods Pro which debuted late 2019 retailed at an introductory price of $250. Discounts aren’t very common in the world of Apple prior to new releases.

The Apple AirPods earbuds currently retail for $168.99 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wins over the AirPods Pro retailing for $150 at their launch in August this year. The Samsung Galaxy Buds have not changed price ever since and still retail at $150. 

With Apple teasing for a 2021 release with a higher price, they lose the affordability battle. 


Let’s take a look at the difference in design between the Apple AirPods Vs the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Apple AirPods

The AirPods in comparison is much lighter than its Samsung counterparts. They also don’t come with sized ear tips which means that you can only hope the one size fits all design suits you. It fits most people, but some people have their pods drop out of their ears constantly.  

They are also not waterproof, which means you can’t go swimming or step in the rain with them. And lastly, the aesthetic is very limiting with only one color.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are small and light as well. They come with rubber ear tips and even a sizing test in the Galaxy Wearable app, that determines which size fits you best. 

They are also splash proof and aesthetically better than the AirPods. Even though the exterior is usually white, the Galaxy buds give you a choice for interior. It comes in black, white, lilac and green. 


Let’s take a look at the difference in features between the Apple AirPods Vs the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

For such a low price, the Samsung Galaxy Buds come with noise canceling features and the statistics were truly amazing. The noise canceling feature is said to block out noise of up to 98%. 

It also has Ambient Sound Levels that span over 3 levels. Features like Dolby Atmos exist on the Galaxy Buds Pro version which is an impressive buy!

Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods Pro doesn’t offer noise cancellation, nor do the other models.


Let’s take a look at the difference in longevity between the Apple AirPods Vs the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds 2 boast of a 5 hour use on each charge along with an extra 15 hour extra on the charging case. It also has the Qi wireless charging feature. It lasts about 5 minutes on a standard 5A pad.

Apple AirPods

The AirPods surpasses them with a 5 hours per charge rate and an additional 19 hours from the charging case. The lack of a noise cancellation feature makes the AirPod last longer. 

Audio Performance 

Let’s take a look at the difference in audio performance between the Apple AirPods Vs the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung enlisted a two-way woofer/tweeter system to out do the other speakers which weren’t very efficient.

It has Bluetooth 5.2 and a codec that improves sound quality when connected to another Samsung device. You can also switch between Galaxy devices with a simple press of a button. 

You can switch from tablet to smart phone connection in a matter of minutes. The Galaxy Wearable App allows you to tweak noise controls as well as other features.

Apple AirPods

Apple on the other hand has a neurosonic balance. The AirPods hold on to the approach that means no artificial boosting or enhancement of bass and treble. It gives off a feeling as though you’re listening to music with no intrusions or unrequested enhancement which can be largely appreciated.

They do somehow maintain impact. There’s subtlety with sophistication , and a more delicate  sound and bugger contrasts are much more noticeable.

They do sometimes veer towards very high volumes and struggle to deliver on the highest pitches on songs but it’s still ok for the price tag.  


The AirPods are a good buy especially if Apple devices are your style! We hope this article helps you on your journey.

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