How to Change Time on Nest Cam

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During the setup of your Google Nest Cam or over the course of having it, you have more than likely ran into some questions regarding the operation of your device. The article will address the issue of changing the time on your Nest camera.

The Google Nest Cam’s time can only be changed through the Google Home application. This is done by changing the time zone within the application to match the location.

The Google Home application is a necessity in order to operate the Google Nest Cam properly and access all of the settings and features. Let’s take a look at what you will need to change in the settings to get the time to properly display.

Setting the Time Zone in Google Home

Before being able to tackle this problem, you need to make sure your Google Nest Cam is properly set up with Google Home on your mobile device. 

Going through the following steps should assure you that your time zone is properly set to your specification:

  • You will need to disconnect from the Wireless Internet. You only need to use your cellular connection.
  • Open Google Home and click on “Settings.”
  • Click on “Home Information” and then “Home Address.”
  • After this, click Edit at the bottom of the screen and enter the correct address of the Google Nest Cam and then save it.
  • Go to Google Home and check for the correct time.

After this is done the time should be correct on your Google device. If it does not appear correct, reconnect to WiFi and see if the settings sync up together and the correct time is then displayed.

If after connecting to WiFi the time is not correct, head to the location settings once again while on WiFi and make sure the location is correct. If you are still having issues after changing the location on both a cellular connection and on WiFi, and the time is still not correct, we recommend contacting Google support with your issue.

Google Nest Aware

Making sure the time is correct is essential to a camera’s operation whether it be to monitor wildlife or for security purposes. Getting the correct time goes hand in hand with one of Google’s subscription features called Nest Aware. Google offers subscription plans that are available for purchase online so you can use the full spectrum of features that your Nest Cam is capable of.

If you’d like to learn more about Nest Cam, check out this article.

Basic Nest Aware Plan

The basic Nest Aware plan offers you 30 days of event video history. This video history is gathered from intelligent alerts, movement, and sound detection. 

This subscription also offers emergency calling from your mobile device if you see something out of the ordinary on your live camera feed or on your recorded video.

This plan is $6/mo. or $60/yr and is built right into your Google Home application.

Nest Aware Plus Plan

The Google Nest Aware Plus plan offers twice the amount of stored video, giving you 60 days of recorded activity history. This subscription plan also comes with a convenient 10 days of 24 hours a day 7 days a week video history in case it is needed.

This service costs twice the amount of the basic plan, totaling $12/mo.or $120/yr. This plan is also accessed through your mobile device or computer.

Google Nest Cam Features

It’s worth taking a look at some of the neat features that Google brings to its Nest Camera for those who haven’t checked out the full array of specs that the camera includes, or those who are thinking about purchasing one in the future:

  • Indoor and Outdoor cameras – Google Nest has both indoor and outdoor cams with intelligent floodlights, night vision, and a 130 degree line of vision.
  • Activity zones – Set your Google Nest Cam to only watch out for certain areas that you specifically designate.
  • Wired or battery-powered – Depending on the location these 2 options let you choose from an assortment of areas to place your camera.
  • Home & Away Routines – Set up your camera to detect when you are at home and away and turn on and off accordingly, or set a specific schedule when you would like the camera to be operational.
  • Mobile Monitoring – Monitor your camera wherever you go with the Google Home application on your mobile device or computer.

Now you know the features of the Nest Cam.


Ensuring the time is correct is a vital part in the operation of your Google Nest Cam. As you can see, the Nest Cam comes with several features, so being thorough with setting the camera up is ideal. 

The Google Nest Cam is a great addition to any business or residential home for a multitude of various needs. We hope now after trying the outlined steps you will now have the correct time on your Nest Cam.

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