How to Change the Aspect Ratio on a Samsung TV (Picture to Fit Screen)

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If you’ve watched a TV show or movie before and you notice that part of the screen isn’t showing up on your TV, then you’ll need to change your aspect ratio to accommodate your screen.

In order to change the aspect ratio on your Samsung TV, you will need to use your remote control to enter the settings menu and find the screen adjustment tab.

Please continue reading to learn how to change the aspect ratio on your Samsung TV so you can enjoy your content without missing a thing.

How to Adjust Samsung TV Aspect Ratio

If the aspect ratio of your TV is incorrect, it can ruin your viewing or gaming experience. Most content we consume requires visualization, and when part of your screen is cut off, it can be frustrating.
Whether you need to fix the picture to fit the screen or zoom in on the image you’re watching, you can easily adjust these settings on your Samsung TV.

Follow the steps below to adjust your Samsung TV aspect ratio however you desire:

1. Find the settings menu using your Samsung TV remote

2. Under the picture menu in your settings, select “screen adjustment.”

Choose your preferred setting for your zoom option. You can zoom in, view widescreen mode, or fit your image to your screen.

Your Samsung TV aspect ratio will automatically change to the settings you selected. You will not have to restart your TV to implement these changes.

If you’ve noticed you strain your eyes frequently while watching TV, you may want to zoom in on your program.

What to Do if Your Image Size Option is Gray

If you’re using an external device on your Samsung TV, then you won’t be able to adjust your image size through the Samsung TV options.

Gray Picture Size Option
Picture settings menu displayed.

Instead, you’ll have to adjust your image size using the options available on the console or device connected to your TV.

This situation occurs when you’re using a video game console, media player, or any other external device to watch your content on your Samsung TV.

If you’re not trying to use your external device to watch your content, you’ll need to disconnect the HDMI cable to adjust the aspect ratio on your Samsung TV.

How to Know if You Need to Adjust Your Image

You’ll want to adjust your image to fit your screen when you feel your content is cut off and you do not see the full picture.

However, you may also want to change your aspect ratio if you prefer viewing things widescreen or want to zoom in on your show.

How you adjust your image depends on your viewing preferences, and you can always reverse those changes whenever you want.

Fortunately, your Samsung TV comes with pre-programmed aspect ratio settings, so you won’t have to measure the exact size you want your aspect ratio.

Aspect Ratio Measurements

Your aspect ratio uses height and width measurements to create a number that fits your TV screen. This number is displayed as width;height.

For example, the easiest aspect ratio you can remember is the size of a square because this is shown as 1;1.

Then, if you want to watch your programs in the widescreen mode, you’ll need to ensure that the second number is about 2 inches lower than the actual height of your TV.

16:9 aspect ratio.

The most common widescreen aspect ratio display on a Samsung TV is 16:9. So, when you see this setting in your image display menu, this refers to widescreen mode.

Why is My Video Image Cut Off?

When you’re watching a TV show or movie, and you notice the image is cut off or seems out of proportion, it means there’s something wrong with your aspect ratio.

Someone who used the Samsung TV before may have adjusted the settings to zoom in on the material they were watching.

Alternatively, if you see the full picture, but it doesn’t fit your screen, your aspect ratio is zoomed out, which you’ll need to resolve in your settings.

Having your video image caught off can be especially irritating if you use subtitles while watching your shows and movies.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, changing the aspect ratio on your Samsung TV will only take a minute because you can use your remote to access your settings.

You do not need to restart your TV to activate the aspect ratio you select because your changes will be saved immediately.

The Samsung TV will show you different settings depending on the aspect ratio you prefer, but most people prefer to fit the picture to the screen size.

If your Samsung TV image settings are grayed out, you should try adjusting the settings on the external device you have connected through your HDMI cable.

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