How Many Watts and Amps Does a TCL TV Use?

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The cost of electricity due to the watts and amps used can sometimes be a source of concern if you own several smart home devices like a TCL TV. While television sets and other smart technology devices help make life richer, several people constantly worry about power consumption. Even worse, during off-the-grid situations!

TCL TVs generally use under 400 watts, with some using as little as 45. As for amps, most smart TVs–including those manufactured by TCL– use 1.0 amps per hour. Still, your energy cost always depends on utility rate and usage. 

Whether you are considering making a new purchase or are an already existing user, this article will enlighten you about the energy and power consumption rate of your TCL TV. Additionally, we’ll provide some real-world examples. That way, you can have specific numbers in mind. So read on to learn more!

TV Watts vs. Amps

Both Watts and Amps are electrical terminologies. However, you do not need to be a physicist or electrician to understand their interrelationship. Nevertheless, understanding what they are on a broad scale is critical to understanding the functionality of your TCL TV.

What Does Watts Mean?

Watts is the unit of measurement for power—the rate at which your TCL TV consumes electric energy. 

What Does Amps Mean?

Amps is the abbreviated form of the ampere—the basic unit of measuring the electric current that powers your TCL TV. 

What is the Difference Between Watts and Amps?

Essentially, both watts and amps are connected with electric energy. However, while watts deal with the energy consumption rate of your TCL TV, amps deal with the flow of current through the TV. 

TCL TV Wattage

Generally, TVs consume between 80 to 400 watts, depending on existing factors like size and technology. But, of course, it helps to note that most high-tech TVs have a minimal energy consumption rate, which makes them high-tech!

Additionally, screen technology, brightness, contrast, and sound are examples of factors that influence TV wattage. Also, if there are any external attachments to your TV, like sound systems, your TV wattage could increase. 

General Factors That Affect TV Watts and Amps

Although electricity as a physical concept is the same, the rate at which it is consumed differs for appliances, devices, and state of residence.

In addition, some general factors that affect TV wattage are:  

  • The size of the TV screen and resolution
  • Television display technology (LED, LCD, QLED, OLED)
  • Local cost of electricity

Let us consider TV wattage for one of the most widely used TV brands in North America–TCL TV.

What Is the TCL Television Brand?

TCL is a Chinese electronics manufacturing company specializing in telecommunications. Originally, TCL was an abbreviation for Telephone Communication Limited. They are an electronics company with headquarters in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. 

As is typical with most Chinese products, TCL thrives on the reputation of creating affordable TVs for their customers. In 2020, TCL ranked number two in North America for market share.

TCL is one of the fastest-growing TV brands today, especially in the United States. They provide several TV users with a cost-effective avenue to enjoy several features unique to only smart televisions. 

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the TCL brand.

What is the Cost of TCL TVs?

On average, a smart LED TCL 50 inch TV could go for $200 to $300 depending on where you buy it and the TV size. 

As a result, several TCL users have access to Roku TV, Google TV, superior gaming, social media connectivity, and other smart TV exclusive features without breaking the bank. 

What’s more? TCL Smart TVs go easy on your pocket when you pay your electric bills. So here is an explanation for the power consumption features of the Tcl TV!

How Many Watts and Amps Does a TCL TV Use?

The energy consumption rate for all smart TCL TVs is virtually the same–under 400watts. For example, the TCL 50S425 50 inches 4k smart LED Roku TV uses a maximum of 96 watts. 

Here are a few examples of TCL TVs with their corresponding wattage:

  • TCL 32D3000 uses 45 watts
  • TCL 32 inch Roku smart TV- 32S305 uses 5 watts

Essentially, the watts and amp usage of TCL TVs, while under 400 watts, vary depending on size, type (whether LED, LCD, or QED), model, and other specifics. 


The reason for manufacturing high-tech smart TVs is to give users a fantastic viewing experience while drawing the least energy.

Careful observation proves that television sets generally do not consume as much power as other smart home appliances. Therefore, you should not notice any significant power consumption with your TCL smart TV unless you live in an area with off-the-charts electric charges.

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