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Is Hisense better than TCL?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
tcl tv

When buying good electronics and other fanciful products, many people associate good quality with high prices and low quality with low prices. However, Hisense and TCL have successfully proved people wrong by producing excellent quality TV at low costs. So when buyers have to choose between these two, one question they constantly ask is, “Is Hisense better than TCL?”

Both Hisense and TCL TVs have features where they outdo the other. In terms of technological features, picture quality, build, and durability, Hisense and TCL edge themselves by very slim margins. The better TV depends on your TV priorities. 

The differences between Hisense and TCL are minor, and one isn’t clearly better than the other. However, these differences are worth noting if you have specific preferences. Read on to find out some of the differences between Hisense and TCL. 

Is Hisense or TCL better?

There are different aspects where Hisense performs better and others where TCL leads. Let us go through some of them.

Picture Quality

Hisense and TCL are almost evenly matched in picture quality. You won’t get something perfect, but you will get an outstanding picture quality from both. You won’t get a viewing angle and brightness comparable to Samsung, but they produce incredible solid color accuracy, especially considering their low prices. 

Thanks to the excellent color uniformity and contrast ratio, TCL takes a slight victory regarding picture quality.

Technological Features

Although most people will settle for just about any TV with good picture quality, an extra advantage is the capability of a TV to execute intelligent functions. As usual, both TVs are evenly matched in this regard. However, there can only be one winner.

Hisense takes the victory here because of its user interface for the Smart TV OS. TCL is also pretty impressive with Roku, but Hisense is much better. Also, Hisense has a couple of features that are often seen as a tech nerd’s dream, especially considering the price tag. For example, those extra HDMI and USB ports can often come in handy at certain times.  

Audio Quality

This is another aspect where Hisense TVs outshine TCL TVs. While people typically love excellent picture quality, they crave solid audio quality. Hisense’s in-built factory speakers often sound better than TCL speakers. This doesn’t mean TCL speakers don’t do well. Hisense TVs are just clear winners on this one.

If you still insist on buying TCL, you can get good TCL soundbars that produce excellent sound and work well with their TVs.


Both products are budget-friendly, but sometimes, Hisense TVs prices are a little above that of TCL by $50 to $100 for the same low to mid-range TVs. For example, you can get the TCL 50-inch set at a price cheaper than the same 50-inch set offered by Hisense. 

So while both TVs are very affordable, TCL TVs are comparatively cheaper than Hisense TVs.   

Are TCL and Hisense the same?

Although they are both budget-friendly and similar in many ways, they are not the same. TCL TVs are made under the TCL Technology company, while Hisense TVs are made under the Hisense group. Both companies are Chinese manufacturing companies.

If you’d like to learn more about TCL, take a look at this article.

Is Hisense a Good TV Brand?

Yes. Hisense TVs are excellent TVs, especially when considering that they are much cheaper than other manufacturers in the market. With Hisense TVs, you get wonderful sharp images, decent color balance, and amazing sound quality.

Of course, you don’t expect that they will defeat the likes of LG, Samsung, or other well-known brands. However, Hisense TVs have managed to hold their own well against these top TV brands, and the fact that they are even in the conversation is a testament to the fact that people are satisfied with their TV quality.

If you need to get a good TV on a budget, consider buying Hisense.

Is TCL a good TV to Buy?

Like Hisense, TCL doesn’t often get enough credit for its unique features and properties. Its excellent picture quality is not better than most of the established brands, but it is one to contend with. The TCL company also makes good soundbars for TVs, so you can always boost your sound with that.

Apart from that, TCL TVs are really cheap, so consider buying TCL if you want to enjoy good quality on a budget.


Both TCL and Hisense TVs have their unique strong spots. However, both of them are very similar and offer excellent quality like other TVs that are more expensive than them.

If you don’t want to get a big brand like Samsung or LG but still want a worthwhile viewing experience, then you’ll be best served to go for either of the two.