How Long Does It Take to Charge a Eufy Camera?

A charging adapter plugged into an outletA charging adapter plugged into an outlet

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Eufy boasts an impressive 365-day battery life (or three years in standby mode!) on their wireless camera battery before it should need a charge. And luckily, after 365 days of everyday use, it’s simple to charge the battery.

The Eufy camera’s battery should only take between 4 to 8 hours to charge to 100%.

With its impressive battery charge life and short charging time, the Eufy camera has a lot to offer customers. Below, we’ll cover the process for charging the Eufy camera’s battery as well as how to tell when it’s time for another charge.

Charging Your Eufy Camera Battery

It is super simple to charge your Eufy camera battery; simply detach the battery from the mount, peel back the plastic cover over the charging port (this cover protects the port from the elements, so be sure to replace it when it is not in use), and plug it into a USB micro charger. Wait approximately 4-8 hours for the Eufy camera to fully charge. The LED indicator will turn red while the battery is charging. Once it is fully charged, the light will go off.

For best charging results, plug the battery into the Homebase or a 5-9Vdc charger. The Homebase allows up to 9 volts of charging power, which will shorten the amount of time it takes to charge your battery. In contrast, charging your battery with a standard 5v charger will take considerably longer.

How Will I Know If My Eufy Camera’s Battery Is Low?

The EufySecurity App that comes with your camera will give you all of the information you need to know about your battery’s status: the percent of charge left, if your battery needs to be charged—you can even watch the progress of the battery as it’s charging!

Can I Replace the Eufy Camera Battery?

The short answer is no. The battery is built into the Eufy camera to charge quicker and last longer; therefore, there are no replacement batteries available. Tampering with the battery housing could damage the camera, voiding your warranty.

According to Houshia, these batteries are made up of the same kinds of cells that power a Tesla, so replacing the battery will likely not be necessary for the life of the camera. Lithium-ion batteries have to be charged over a thousand times, so in theory, you could use this battery for 1,000 years, charging it only once a year.

This camera’s lifespan is extensive, but if something were to happen to your camera’s battery while it is still under warranty, the Eufy Customer Service department would be more than glad to help resolve your issue.

An Alternative to Charging: Wired Eufy Cameras

Eufy also has the Wired Floodlight Camera and indoor camera if you are not wanting to worry about charging your camera (even though it doesn’t need it very often) or for someone who cannot charge the battery as needed.

  • The Floodlight Camera, in particular, has two-way communication, real-time viewing, and more. It can be wired into an existing wiring system you currently have; you just have to take down the old light and replace it with this one.
  • The indoor camera is just as easy to use; simply choose the appropriate mounting location for the device and plug it in to the nearest socket!

Final Thoughts

Both the battery-powered and wired version of the Eufy smart cameras are great options for home security. If you prefer not having to mess with electrical components, the battery-powered Eufy is probably your best bet. A single 4-8 hour charge can last up to a full year with moderate use.

If you prefer not to fuss with charging a camera (despite the long battery life), then the wired floodlight camera or indoor camera are fantastic alternatives.

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