How Do I Transfer Ownership of My ADT Account?

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Have you recently purchased ADT services, only to find out that the ADT account was not transferred in your name? This can be a frustrating experience. How do you transfer ownership of an ADT account?

Transferring ownership of an ADT account is simple but is only applicable to moving. Contact ADT directly before moving. This allows time for new contracts to be drawn. If a new person is to be named on the account, call ADT directly and work with their representatives to transfer ownership that way.

In this post, we will discuss transferring ownership of an ADT account. Keep reading to learn about ADT account transfers and how they are possible.

How Can You Transfer Ownership of an ADT Account?

ADT is an American company that provides home safety and security services. As far as we can tell, ADT does not allow ownership transfers of accounts. You must create a new account or change the account holder, more on that later. But you can transfer your account to a new location if you are moving.

You will need to contact ADT at least 30 days before moving. This will allow time for new contracts to be drawn for the next location and for them to develop offers that suit you and your family’s needs.

When you call, ADT may require some personal information from you to process the change, so please have your account details and information ready. Also, have your most up-to-date account information ready. This will make the process easier for both of you.

The following are the three simple steps it takes to move with ADT:

  • Call ADT today – Call and let them know when you are moving
  • ADT starts working on new contracts – ADT collects offers and options for you at your new location
  • New systems are installed at your new home – Once the move is set, ADT will set up at the new location with all your up-to-date contract information

Once ADT has moved to your new location, you will be able to fully enjoy ADT monitoring services. Take this opportunity to choose new or upgraded services at your new home.

ADT requires at least a 30-day notice before moving so that they can process the change and make necessary arrangements for providing service at your new location.

Moving with ADT is simple, and they want to make you happy. Keep this in mind as you work with their representatives throughout your moving process. They want to make this part of your move as stressless as possible.

Do You Need to Take ADT’s Equipment with You When Moving?

You do not need to take ADT’s equipment with you when moving. A new system will be installed at your new home. You can also ask ADT to move your existing equipment and contract information.

However, the latter is less likely to happen because uninstalling their equipment takes more time than it is worth. Oftentimes they will leave the existing equipment in case the family that moves in wants to activate the existing equipment.

How Can You Update the Name on Your Account?

There is another way to transfer your account. And that is by putting the account in a different name. This can be done in one simple step. Keep in mind ADT wants to make your experience with them great, so you should not encounter too much backlash or grief if you decide to call them about this issue.

If you no longer want to be listed on the account, you have a few options:

  • You can call ADT directly to have your name removed, or
  • You can go online and update your account information
  • You can cancel your account with ADT

If you choose the option of having your name removed, you will need to have someone in your family or household to take over the account. Keep in mind transferring may cause you a headache, but it will save you in cancelation fees. This is especially true if you want services to remain at the current location.

If you choose to cancel your account with ADT, you may face fees because you are breaking your contract. However, if your contract is up for renewal and you decide to cancel there should not be any fees you incur.

In Summary: There Are a Few Ways to Transfer Your ADT Account

You can choose to cancel your ADT account, but it may cost you cancellation fees.

You can choose to transfer ownership of the ADT account by removing yourself and your name from the account.

If you do not want anything changed with your ADT installation, you will have no problems when transferring ownership during a move as long as you make sure to contact ADT ahead of time!

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