How to Replace the ADT Doorbell Battery

a single rechargeable battery on tablea single rechargeable battery on table

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All smart home technology needs a power source. Your two main options for power are either battery or wired. If you don’t have an outlet nearby or extensive electrical wiring experience, battery-powered options may be the right choice for you. However, battery-powered technology like the ADT Doorbell Camera does require the maintenance of replacing or charging the batteries every once in a while.

The ADT battery-powered doorbell comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. Instead of purchasing new batteries every few months, you can continue to charge the ADT doorbell battery for many years. Keep reading to learn how to replace and charge your ADT Doorbell Battery.

Check Your Battery Level in the ADT Pulse App

The first step to charging the battery to the ADT doorbell is knowing when the battery levels are low. The ADT Pulse app is an easy way to keep an eye on your ADT doorbell’s battery level.

The app provides a low battery warning when your battery’s power is running low, which will send you a push notification when the battery needs to be charged soon. Along with the low battery warning, the app allows you to see your current battery level so you know approximately when you might need to charge your doorbell next.

Locate the Release Tab for Your Doorbell

Once you know that your ADT doorbell’s battery is low or entirely dead, you need to remove the doorbell from its location. Every ADT battery-powered doorbell is attached to your house with a bracket. This bracket keeps your doorbell mounted securely to the wall and allows you to release the doorbell without removing any screws or using any tools.

The mounting bracket has a small metal release tab directly below the doorbell that locks the doorbell in place. Locate the release tab and press firmly on it. Pressing this tab will unlock the doorbell from the bracket and allow you to remove the doorbell from your wall.

Remove the Doorbell from the Bracket

While holding the release tab, gently pull up on your doorbell, and it will release from the bracket. Don’t try to force the doorbell off the bracket; it should slide up and off the bracket easily. If your doorbell seems stuck, double-check that you are pressing the release tab sufficiently enough that it allows the doorbell to detach.

Access the Rechargeable Battery Pack

The ADT battery-powered doorbell has a fully rechargeable battery pack attached. There is no need to remove the battery pack from your doorbell during the charging process, as the charging port is accessible while the battery is attached to the doorbell. This keeps the charging process simple, and you don’t have to worry about how small parts or cords fit back together.

Charge your ADT Doorbell

Now that your ADT doorbell has been removed from its bracket and you have access to the battery, you can charge the battery. Your ADT Doorbell has a micro USB port built-in for easy charging. ADT sends a micro USB charging cable with every battery-powered doorbell, but any micro USB cord will work.

It can take six to eight hours to charge your ADT Doorbell, so be aware that your doorbell camera won’t be functional during this time. It is best to charge your ADT Doorbell when you are home and don’t need the camera to be functioning.

Check the Battery Indicator Light

Once your doorbell has been charging for several hours, you will want to check the indicator light to ensure that your doorbell is fully charged before unplugging the charging cable.

You will know your battery is fully charged when the indicator light on the battery turns green. It should be a solid light and not flashing. If your indicator light is not solid or not green, allow your doorbell battery to keep charging.

Place the Doorbell Back on the Bracket

After your battery is fully charged, all you have to do is slide your doorbell back onto the bracket. Make sure to line up the back of your doorbell with the bracket and slide the doorbell down the bracket until you hear a click, and you can feel that the doorbell is locked in place. Now your battery is fully charged, and your doorbell is ready to continue keeping your home safe.


Your ADT battery-powered doorbell is the perfect option if you don’t have existing wiring but would still like a smart doorbell. This doorbell does need to be charged every once in a while to keep it operational. There are no disposable batteries to replace, just a small rechargeable battery pack attached to your doorbell. It is a simple process to take down your doorbell and charge it, and you will have it back up and running in no time.


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